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This search engine will locate books, manuscripts, photographs, and other materials identified as part of "The Bancroft Library's African American Writer's Collection." It is offered for your ease of use but it is not a complete representation of all Bancroft Library's holdings by and about African Americans. Thus, researchers are strongly encouraged to use the online catalog, OskiCat, to search the comprehensive holdings of The Bancroft Library and the UC Berkeley Library.

You can search these collections by date, format, and keyword.

Dates should be stated in exact years (like: 1962).

Formats include books (and anything printed), manuscripts (including oral history interviews), photographs (or anything else visual), and audio-visual materials (including audiotapes, videotapes, etc.).

Keyword searches Author, Title, Notes, Publication, and Description fields in the database.

For information about other collections located at UC Berkeley, please use OskiCat, the Library’s online public access catalog.

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