The Japanese American
Evacuation and Resettlement

A Digital Archive

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About the Digital Archive

The Bancroft Library's documentation of the Japanese American experience during World War II includes over 530,000 primary source materials drawn from an extensive collection of manuscripts and photographs. The materials in the Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Digital Archive are pulled from our voluminous holdings and reveal the multifaceted experience from this complex time in US history. We invite you to explore these personal materials and recount the daily lives of Japanese Americans while in the confinement sites during World War II. Access to this material is provided through the Online Archive of California and Calisphere websites.

Closing of the Jerome Center, Denson, Arkansas. Jerome residents who are to be sent to the Granada Center wait in trucks to entrain. Photographer: Mace, Charles E.--Denson, Arkansas. 6/19/44

Digital Objects

University of California, Berkeley, Library Digital Collections provides searchable access to the individual primary sources digitized through the Japanese American Confinement Sites grant program. The digital archive makes accessible a wide range of papers, maps, artworks, and photographs created by government agencies, advocacy groups, and personal works from authors, artists, and teachers whose documents reflect their experience during the war.

Baggage of Tule Lake transferees sorted and piled accordingly at Hunt siding. Most of the baggage was delivered to the owners the same day.--Hunt, Idaho. 9/25/43

Collections in the Online Archive of California

The Bancroft has published a number of detailed collection guides about the Japanese confinement on the Online Archive of California. These guides provide descriptions of the contents of an archival collection and, when present, have links to digitized objects from that collection. Several collections have been digitized entirely, while for others only selected materials about the confinement have been digitized.

Relocation Centers

These two entry points serve as guided searches into the sites represented in the Japanese American Internment collections at The Bancroft Library.


A selection of audio and video collections related to Internees and their experiences.

About the Projects

The Japanese-American Confinement projects was funded, in part, by four two-year grants from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.

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