Funding Agency

The digitization and presentation of the materials in The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire collection was generously supported by an award from the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) granted through the California State Library.

Staff Credits

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Digital Archives Project is a multi-institutional gathering of material related to this important historical event. Many people contributed to its success. The grant was initially conceived and written by Tim Hoyer, former Head of Bancroft Technical Services. Merrilee Proffitt provided technical expertise and management of the project. After Mr. Hoyer and Ms. Proffitt left the Bancroft Library, Theresa Salazar, Curator of The Bancroft Collection of Western Americana, served as Project Manager until David de Lorenzo was appointed Head of Technical Services in 2001. At that point, given the scope and size of the project, duties and responsibilities were divided among individuals with specific knowledge and expertise and a formal Project Group was created.

Philip Fradkin was hired as a consultant to the project. Ms. Salazar served as the primary selector of textual material, coordinating activities at the other contributing Libraries, and creating descriptive metadata for textual materials. James Eason, Principal Pictorial Archivist and Chris McDonald, Pictorial Processing Archivist, selected and processed the pictorial materials at both The Bancroft Library and the California Historical Society. Assisting in the selection portion of the project as well as with research, data input, and editing of content, were Amy Hellam, Francisco Casique, Anna Armentrout, Jennifer Redmond, Stephanie Abel, Kathryn Eigen, Dylan Esson, and Joyce Mao. Mao and Esson wrote the text for the online exhibit.

Mary Elings, Archivist for Digital Collections, managed the digital production and metadata creation for the project. Much of the data entry and tracking was handled by Jeffrey Hookom and LuAnn Sleeper, both Digital Project Assistants.

Mary Morganti, The Director of Research Collections at the California Historical Society was a major contributor to this project, providing expertise about the holdings in her repository. In addition, Abby Bridge at The California Historical Society helped with selection and input related to their collection.

The staff of Library Photographic Services at UC Berkeley, Dan Johnston, Amy Yang, Jiro Marubayashi and Sarah Grew worked untiringly and more importantly with the utmost professionalism to provide the highest quality digital work.

From the Digital Publishing Group at UC Berkeley, Lynne Grigsby coordinated much of the digital and database export work on the project. Alvin Pollock and Erin Nhaminerva processed the encoded texts and Michael Conkin exported the METS digital objects and finding aids. Brooke Dykman created the designs for the website, designed the flash entry screen, and also built the website.

The Bancroft Library would like to thank the California State Library for its support of the Library and Services Technology Act (LSTA), and for the opportunity to present the rich and tragic history of The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

Photograph citation:

San Francisco — one year after. The beginning of new and greater San Francisco showing a large amount of reconstruction in the heart of the city. Millions of dollars spent to make San Francisco one of the finest cities in the world. [Detail]
Charles Weidner
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