Graphic: The Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement

Geographical Listing

Click on a state or city name on the map below, or go to the state and city list to find oral histories and archival records documenting early centers of activity in the movement.

Graphic: United States map Chicago, Illinois Washington D.C. Massachusetts New York (including New York City) Chicago, Illinois Texas Berkeley, California California (other than Berkeley)

State and City List
Berkeley, California
California (other than Berkeley)
New York (including New York City)
Washington, D.C.

Berkeley, California
Alliance for Technology Access
Anita (Aaron) Baldwin
Billy Barner
Gerald Belchick
Carol Fewell Billings
Russell Bohlke
Jacquelyn Brand
Edna Brean
Mary Lou Breslin
Janet McEwen Brown
Henry Bruyn
Cathrine Caulfield
Center for Accessible Technology
Center for Independent Living, Berkeley
Phil Chavez
Frederick Collignon
Kitty Cone
Cowell Residence Program, University of California, Berkeley
Sam Dardick
Eric Dibner
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Berkeley office
Disabled Students' Program, University of California, Berkeley
James Donald
Maureen Fitzgerald
Michael Fuss
Donald Galloway
Karen Topp Goodwyn
Charles Grimes
Judith Heumann
Neil Jacobson
Joanne Jauregui
Deborah Kaplan
Keys to Introducing Disability in Society (KIDS)
Hal Kirshbaum
Megan Kirshbaum
David Konkel
Johnnie Lacy
Herbert Leibowitz
Joan Leon
Mary Lester
Raymond Lifchez
Diane Lipton
Scott Luebking
Neil Marcus  [Artists with Disabilities project]
Arlene Mayerson
Bette McMuldren
Betty Neely
Mark O'Brien
Susan O'Hara
Corbett O'Toole
Michael Pachovas
Linda Perotti
Edward V. Roberts
Zona Roberts
John "Jack" Rowan
Judith Smith  [Artists with Disabilities project]
Kenneth Stein
Doreen Pam Steneberg
Susan Sygall
Jacobus tenBroek
Alana Theriault
Peter Trier
Raymond Uzeta
John Velton
Cheryl Marie Wade
Arleigh Williams
Herbert Willsmore
Lucile Withington
World Institute on Disability (WID)
Hale Zukas

California (other than Berkeley)
William Bronston
Joel Bryan
California Department of Rehabilitation
Luis Calderon
Catherine Campisi
Dennis Cannon
Diane Coleman
Sam Dardick
James Donald
Carol Gill
Ralf Hotchkiss
Cynthia Jones
June Kailes
Victoria Ann Lewis
Paul Longmore
Kirk MacGugan
Lynn Manning  [Artists with Disabilities project]
Douglas Martin
Brenda Premo
William Stothers
Anthony Tusler
Raymond Uzeta

Eleanor Smith

Susan Axelrod
Marca Bristo

Diane Coleman
Jim Davies
Carol Gill
Timothy Nugent

Elmer Bartels
Boston Center for Independent Living
Charles Carr
Paul Corcoran
Gunnar Dybwad
Fred Fay
Richard Gould
John Kelly
Margaret (Kocher) Magnan
Chris Palames
Andrea Schein

New York (including New York City)
Larry Allison
Adrienne Asch
William Bronston
Anna Fay
Denise Figueroa
Patricio Figueroa
Judith Heumann
Neil Jacobson
Bobbi Linn
Denise McQuade
Harilyn Rousso
Marilyn Saviola
Bill Shannon  [Artists with Disabilities project]
Greg Walloch  [Artists with Disabilities project]

Thomas K. Gilhool

Lex Frieden
Lee Kitchens
Pat Pound
Kevin Tracy

Washington, D.C.
Dennis Cannon
Tony Coelho
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Washington DC office
Fred Fay
Judith Heumann
Ralf Hotchkiss
Deborah Kaplan
Elizabeth Rivera 
Elizabeth Savage  

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Chicago, Illinois Washington D.C. Massachusetts New York (including New York City) Chicago, Illinois Texas Berkeley, California California (other than Berkeley)