Graphic: The Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement
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Who We Are

Bancroft Library Staff
Regional Oral History Office Team
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Bancroft Library Administration
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Bancroft Library Staff

Regional Oral History Office Team:

Project Manager:

  • Ann Lage, principal editor and oral history researcher in environmental history, the history of social movements and the history of higher education.

Interviewers and Editors:

  • Sharon Bonney, director of the Disabled Students Program at the University of California, Berkeley, 1979-1989, assistant director of the World Institute on Disability, 1995-1996, and freelance writer.
  • Mary Lou Breslin, director of the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, 1986-1991, coeditor of Disability Rights Law and Policy: International and National Perspectives and recipient of the 2001 Henry B. Betts Award.
  • Kathryn Cowan, librarian for a public-interest nonprofit organization, 1991-2001.
  • Esther Ehrlich, project manager of Artists with Disabilities oral history project, fiction and creative nonfiction writer.
  • Denise Sherer Jacobson, author of The Question of David and educator on disability issues.
  • David Landes, faculty member in economics at City College of San Francisco.
  • Susan O'Hara, director of the Physically Disabled Students Residence Program and the Disabled Students Program at UC Berkeley, 1975-1992.
  • Fred Pelka, author of What Have We Done: An Oral History of the Disability Rights Movement, The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Disability Rights Movement, and The Civil War Letters of Charles F. Johnson, Invalid Corps.
  • Harilyn Rousso, clinical social worker and executive director of Disabilities Unlimited Consulting Services, coeditor of Double Jeopardy: Addressing Gender Equity in Special Education.
  • Jonathan Young, Associate Director for Disability Research, White House Office of Public Liaison during the Clinton Administration, author of Equality of Opportunity: The Making of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Other interviewers: Susan Brown, Julie Drucker, Graham Johnson for the Berkeley Historical Society, Herb Wiseman

Production Assistance:

  • Megan Andres and Shannon Page, production managers, and the production staff of the Regional Oral History Office

Curators and Archivists:

Theresa Salazar, curator of the Bancroft Collection of Western Americana, 1999-

Bonnie Hardwick, curator of the Bancroft Collection of Western Americana, 1996-1999

Jane Bassett Rosario, project archivist, 1996-2000, and supervising archivist, 2001-

Lauren Lassleben, supervising archivist, 1996-2001

Susan Storch, project archivist, 2002-2003

Lori Hines, project archivist, 2000-2001

Bancroft Library Administration:

Charles B. Faulhaber, James D. Hart Director, The Bancroft Library

David deLorenzo, director, Bancroft Technical Services

Richard Cándida Smith, director, Regional Oral History Office, 2001-

Willa K. Baum, director, Regional Oral History Office, 1956-2000

Project Advisors:

Fred Collignon, professor of city and regional planning, University of California, Berkeley; specialist in social policy, education and social services, disability policy and programs; has worked on disability issues on the local and national level since 1970.

Fred Fay, former director of research and training, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Tufts University-New England Medical Center; pioneer in development of assistive technology; community organizer and leader of numerous disability organizations including the Boston Center for Independent Living, American Association of People with Disabilities and Justice for All.

Lex Frieden, disability activist, major player in drafting the Americans with Disabilities Act, held leadership positions on ACCD, TIRR, ILRU, current chair of the National Council on Disability.

Karen Hirsch, fellow, National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, Missouri Institute of Mental Health; scholar in disability history; former director of programs at Paraquad, Inc.

Ray Lifchez, professor of architecture, University of California, Berkeley; coauthor of Design for Independent Living; researcher on environmental design for independent living since 1972; a pioneer in consumer-driven architectural design and accessibility.

Paul Longmore, professor of history, San Francisco State University; and a specialist in disability history; author of The New Disability History and The Invention of George Washington.

William K. (Sandy) Muir, retired professor of political science, University of California, Berkeley; chaired campus committees on disability issues; scholar of U. S. and state government and public policy; author of The Bully Pulpit: The Presidential Leadership of Ronald Reagan.

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