Traditional Chinese festivals provided other occasions where the community gathered together to celebrate. The Chinese in California continued to observe the lunar New Year in the traditional manner. This important festival was celebrated with elaborate display and plenty of exuberance.

Songs, music, and theater were regular leisure activities in the community. Chinese theater was an important cultural event. In 1852, the first performance of Cantonese opera was held in the American Theatre on Sansome Street, and several months later, the first Chinese theatre building was completed.

Family relationships were integral to their society, and by extension things associated with family and family members such as food, education, marriage, and funeral customs.

Westward Expansion
San Francisco Chinatown
Communities outside San Francisco
Oroville Chinese Temple
Agriculture, Fishing and Related Industries
Anti-Chinese Movement and Exclusion
Sentiments Concerning the Chinese
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Chinese Dragon. La Fiesta Parade, Los Angeles, Cal., May 2, 1902, California Historical Society

The Chinese American community availed themselves of traditional medicine as did others. The Chinese understanding of plants used for medicinal purposes was an important component of how society treat injury and disease in the 19th century American west.

Chinese Dragon, La Fiesta Parade  
Los Angeles, Cal., May 2, 1902  
California Historical Society  

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