America's Wine: The Legacy of Prohibition

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Poster for America's Wine: The Legacy of Prohibition

Documentary Trailer

The Bancroft Library and the producers of the film wish to thank the very talented
and dedicated professionals who helped us make this project possible.

Individual Film Credits

Director of the Bancroft Library
Charles B. Faulhaber

Associate Director of the Regional Oral History Office
Lead Investigator and Historical Consultant
Victor W. Geraci

Directed and Produced by
Carla De Luca Worfolk

Produced by
Kari Birdseye

Written by
Carla De Luca Worfolk
Kari Birdseye
Larry Woods

Narrated by
Larry Woods

Edited by
Kai Yu

Assistant Editor
Lorelle Strange

Sound by
Patrick Fitzgerald

Associate Producers
Jordan deBree
Nick Guroff

Production and Post Production by
Beyond Pix Studios

Ray Santiago

BP Finance Manager/Production Supervisor
Jennifer Hamori

BP Assistant Finance Manager
Bryan O’Connor

Principal Camera
Neal Broffman
Celso Bulgatti
Dallas Huston
William Langley
Gene Maynard
Stan Pechner
Kevin Rockwell
Ray Santiago

Additional Camera
Jordan deBree
Pat Drury
Matt Geraci
Sean Karlin
Patrick Wong

Additional Still Photography
Nick Guroff

Location Audio
Steve Bedaux, C.A.S.
Adriano Bravo
Torrence Brown
Mike Cervenac
Matt Jepson
Chris Lehman
Allen Price
Chris Schaefer
Mark Soloman
Patrick Wong
Paul Wright

Additional Editing
Steve Nemsick
Tony Welch
M. Raivan Hall

Post Production Supervisor
Tony Welch

Peter Jarit

Assistant Sound Design
Ben Morse

Additional Graphic Design
Nancy Zamierowski

Kat Ruzhnikov
Albert Leung

Production Assistants
Kate Linhardt
Allen Verelley

Audio Post Production
Polarity Post

Audio Engineer
Patrick Fitzgerald

Assistant Sound Effects Editor
Erik Reimers

Assistant Music Consultant
Eduardo Mendoza

Motion Graphics
JL Video & Motion Design

Graphic Artists
Jon Lewis
Stewart McCale

Additional On-line Facility
Video Arts/San Francisco

On-line Editor
Loren Sorensen

Ed Rudolph

Motion Graphics
David Murray


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