America's Wine: The Legacy of Prohibition

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Logo for America's Wine: The Legacy of ProhibitionThis documentary offers an unprecedented overview of the legacy of National Prohibition and its continuing impact on the wine industry and everyday lives of Americans. Marking the 75th Anniversary of Prohibition’s Repeal, it brings to life never-before-seen archival photographs and film clips, and features nearly forty interviews including those who experienced Prohibition, historians, winemakers, members of Congress, and public policy experts. Among those filmed are Kevin Starr, California Librarian Emeritus, Leon Panetta, former Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton, as well as legendary winemakers Brother Timothy, Robert Mondavi, and Ernest Gallo. The interviews chronicle the rebuilding of the wine industry and the emergence of a new American wine culture. Equally significant are the insights fueling the continuing societal debate over the issue of alcohol in America.

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