The Western Mining in the Twentieth Century series of the Regional Oral History Office, documents contemporary events in the most historically important industry of the American West. The series comprises interviews with leaders in mining exploration, production and metallurgical treatment of ores, financing and development of mines, mineral engineering education, state and federal government organizations, and journals of the mineral industries.

Special industry challenges are discussed: mechanization and automation, mining at great depths, protecting the environment, radiation hazards, concern for health and safety. There are eyewitness accounts of the flooding of the Treadwell Mine, the Argonaut Mine fire, El Teniente Mine fire, and Japanese occupation of the Philippines. There are personal recollections of mines in Australia, India, Israel, Poland, Siberia, many regions of Africa, and nearly all of North and South America.

See also our Global Mining and Materials Research Project.


Horace Albright (1890-1987)
Mining Lawyer and Executive, U. S. Potash Company, U.S. Borax, 1933-1962. 1989, 195 pp.

Frank F. Aplan (b. 1923)
Mineral Education Generalist, Professor of Metallurgy and Mineral Processing, 1951-1998. 2003, 223 pp.

Samuel Arentz, Jr. (b. 1913)
Mining Engineer, Consultant, and Entrepreneur in Nevada and Utah, 1934-1992. 1993, 104 pp.

James Boyd (1904-1987)
Minerals and Critical Materials Management: Military and Government Administrator and Mining Executive, 1941-1987. 1988, 253 pp.

Philip Read Bradley, Jr. (1904-1999)
A Mining Engineer in Alaska, Canada, the Western United States, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. 1988, 204 pp.

Catherine C. Campbell (1905-1996)
Ian and Catherine Campbell, Geologists: Teaching, Government Service, Editing. 1989, 185 pp.

William Bullock Clark (1920-1995)
Reporting on California's Gold Mines for the State Division of Mines and Geology, 1951-1979. 1993, 51 pp.

John Robert Clarkson (1910-2006)
Building the Clarkson Company, Making Reagent Feeders and Valves for the Mineral Industry, 1935 to 1998. 1999, 381 pp.

Norman Cleaveland (1901-1997)
Dredge Mining for Gold, Malaysian Tin, Diamonds, 1921-1966; Exposing the 1883 Murder of William Raymond Morley. 1995, 154 pp.

William E. Colby (1875-)
Reminiscences (California mining lawyer). 1954, 145 pp.

Harry M. Conger (b. 1930)
Mining Career with ASARCO, Kaiser Steel, Consolidated Coal, Homestake, 1955-1995: Junior Engineer to Chairman of the Board. 2001, 324 pp.

James T. Curry, Sr. (b. 1916)
Metallurgist For Empire Star Mine and Newmont Exploration, 1932-1955; Plant Manager For Calaveras Cement Company, 1956-1975. 1990, 139 pp.

Garniss Curtis (1919-2012)
A Career in Geology and Geochronology 1948-1989. 2008. 148 pp.

Donald Dickey (b. 1924)
The Oriental Mine, 1938 to 1991. 1996, 188 pp.

J. Ward Downey (1911-1997)
Mining and Construction Engineer, Industrial Management Consultant, 1936 to the 1990s. 1992, 151 pp.

Warren E. Fenzi (b. 1915)
Junior Engineer to President, Director of Phelps Dodge, 1937 to 1984. 1996, 175 pp.

Hedley S. "Pete" Fowler (b. 1911)
Mining Engineer in the Americas, India, and Africa, 1933-1983. 1992, 122 pp.

Douglas W. Fuerstenau (b. 1928)
Mineral Processing Engineer and Scientist: In Education, Research, Industry, and International Cooperation. 2011. 726 pp.

James M. Gerstley (1907-2007)
Executive, U.S. Borax and Chemical Corporation; Trustee, Pomona College; Civic Leader, San Francisco Asian Art Museum. 1990, 236 pp.

Robert M. Haldeman (b. 1917)
Managing Copper Mines in Chile: Braden, CODELCO, Minerac, Pudahuel; Developing Controlled Bacterial Leaching of Copper from Sulfide Ores; 1941-1993. 1995, 163 pp.

Guy Harris (b. 1914)
A Career in Mining Chemicals. 2004, 128 pp.

John F. Havard (b. 1909)
Mining Engineer and Executive, 1935-1981. 1992, 157 pp.

Wayne C. Hazen (1917-2099)
Plutonium Technology Applied to Mineral Processing; Solvent Extraction; Building Hazen Research; 1940 to 1993. 1995, 199 pp.

George Heikes (b. 1900)
Mining Geologist on Four Continents. 1992, 103 pp.

Helen R. Henshaw (b. 1916)
Recollections of Life with Paul Henshaw: Latin America, Homestake Mining Company. 1988, 164 pp.

Life in the Mining Town: Hornitos: California. 1954, 46 pp.

Lewis L. Huelsdonk (1905-1991)
Manager of Gold and Chrome Mines, Spokesman for Gold Mining, 1935-1977. 1988, 65 pp.

William A. Humphrey (1927-2011)
Mining Operations and Engineering Executive for Anaconda, Newmont, Homestake, 1950-1995. 1996, xvi, 225 pp.

Hugh C. Ingle, Jr. (1923-1999)
Independent Small Mines Operator, 1948 to 1999: Corona Mine. 2000, xv, 181 pp.

James H. Jensen (b. 1914)
Chemical and Metallurgical Process Engineer, Making Deuterium, Extracting Salines, Base and Heavy Metals, 1938-1990s. 1993, 106 pp.

Arthur I. Johnson (b. 1899)
Mining and Metallurgical Engineer in the Black Hills; Pegmatites and Rare Minerals, 1922 to the 1990s. 1990, 114 pp.

G. Frank Joklik (b. 1928)
Exploration Geologist, Developer of Mt. Newman Mine, President and CEO of Kennecott, 1949-1996; Chairman, 2002 Olympic Winter Games Committee, 1997. 395 pp.

Evan Just (b. 1900)
Geologist: Engineering and Mining Journal, Marshall Plan, Cyprus Mines Corporation, and Stanford University, 1922-1980. 1990, 158 pp.

Robert E. Kendall (b. 1923)
Mining Borax, Shaft-Freezing in Potash Mines, U.S. Borax, Inc., 1954 to 1988. 1994, 33 pp.

Noel W. Kirshenbaum (b. 1935)
A Metallurgist's Perspectives on Changes in the Mining Industry: 1952-2009. 2012. 231 pp.

Marian Lane (1905-1998)
Mine Doctor's Wife in Mexico in the 1920s. 1996, 118 pp.

John Sealy Livermore (b. 1918)
Prospector, Geologist, Public Resource Advocate: Carlin Mine Discovery, 1961; Nevada Gold Rush, 1970s. 2001, 241 pp.

J. David Lowell (b. 1928)
Using Applied Geology to Discover Large Copper and Gold Mines in Arizona, Chile, and Peru. 1999, 283 pp.

Plato Malozemoff (1909-1997)
A Life in Mining: Siberia to Chairman of Newmont Mining Corporation, 1909-1985. 1990, 340 pp.

Donald H. McLaughlin (1891-1984)
Careers in Mining Geology and Management, University Governance and Teaching. 1975, 325 pp.

Malcolm J. McPherson (b. 1926) and James (b. 1937)
Brothers in Mining. 1992, 328 pp.

Frank Woods McQuiston, Jr. (1904-1987)
Metallurgist for Newmont Mining Corporation and U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1934-1982. 1989, 230 pp.

Gordon B. Oakeshott (b. 1904)
The California Division of Mines and Geology, 1948-1974. 1988, 128 pp.

James M. Orr (b. 1911)
An Entrepreneur in Mining in North and South America, 1930s to 1990s. 1995, 50 pp.

Vincent D. Perry (b. 1901)
A Half Century As Mining and Exploration Geologist With the Anaconda Company. 1991, 128 pp.

Patrick Purtell (b. 1948)
Maintenance and Management at the McLaughlin Mine, 1985 to 1997. 1999, 145 pp.

Carl Randolph (b. 1922)
Research Manager to President, U.S. Borax & Chemical Corporation, 1957-1986. 1992, 111 pp.

Bessie L. Richards
Mining Town Memories--Colorado and Mexico. 1967, 278 pp.

John Reed (b. 1923)
Pioneer in Applied Rock Mechanics, Braden Mine, Chile, 1944-1950; St. Joseph Lead Company, 1955-1960; Colorado School of Mines, 1960-1972. 1993, 260 pp.

Joseph Rosenblatt (1903-1999)
EIMCO, Pioneer in Underground Mining Machinery and Process Equipment, 1926-1963. 1992, 192 pp.

Paul Schipke
Mining and Environmental Engineer for Utah-BHP Company, 1972- 1997. 2004.

Robert Shoemaker (b. 1925)
Metallurgical Engineer: Union Carbide, Bechtel, San Francisco Mining Associates; Metallurgical Consultant, 1953 to 2000. 2001, 293 pp.

Eugene David Smith (b. 1923)
Working on the Twenty-Mule Team: Laborer to Vice President, U.S. Borax & Chemical Corporation, 1941-1989. 1993, 77 pp.

Simon David Strauss (b. 1911)
Market Analyst for Non-ferrous Metals and Non-metallic Minerals, Journalist, Mining Corporation Executive, 1927-1994. 1995, 387 pp.

Eleanor Swent
An Oral History with Eleanor Swent. 2013. 29 pp.

Langan W. Swent, Volume 1 (1916-1992)
Langan W. Swent with Eleanor Swent, Volume 2
Working for Safety and Health in Underground Mines; San Luis and Homestake Mining Companies; 1946-1988. 1996, Two volumes, 1007 pp.

James V. Thompson (b. 1915)
Mining and Metallurgical Engineer: The Philippine Islands; Dorr, Humphreys, Kaiser Engineers Companies; 1940-1990s. 1992, 127 pp.

James William Wilder (b. 1924)
Owner of One Shot Mining Company and Manhattan Mercury Mine, 1965-1981. 1996, 140 pp.

Alexander Wilson (1922-2011)
Leading a Changing Utah Construction and Mining Company: Utah International, GE-Utah, BHP-Utah, 1965 to 1987. 2000, 269 pp.

Roy Woodall
Australian Geologist, 1953 to 1995: Success in Exploration for Gold, Nickel, Copper, Uranium, and Petroleum. 2006. 211 pp.


Multi-Interview Volumes

Homestake Mine Workers, Lead, South Dakota, 1929-1993. 1995, 131 pp.
Wayne Harford, "Laborer, Hoist Operator, 1949-1990"
Clarence Kravig, "From Geologist to Assistant Manager, 1929-1971,"
Kenneth Kinghorn, "From Miner to Supervisor, 1966-1993"

The Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, Volume I. 1998, 312 pp.
James Anderson, "Homestake Vice President-Exploration"
Will Baker,
"Citizen Activist, Yolo County"
Norman Birdsey,
"Metallurgical Technician, McLaughlin Process Plant" [Note: This section available only in The Bancroft Library]
Brice Bledsoe,
"Director, Solano Irrigation District"

The Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, Volume II. 1998, 347 pp.
Anthony Cerar, "Mercury Miner, 1935-1995"
John Ceteras,
"Organic Farmer, Yolo County"
Harry Conger,
"President, Chairman, and CEO, Homestake Mining Company, 1977 to 1994"
John Jay Corley,
"Chairman, Napa County Planning Commission, 1981 to 1985"
William Cornelison,
"Superintendent of Schools, Lake County" (Includes an interview with
John A. Drummond,
Lake County Schools Attorney)

The Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, Volume III. 1998, 365 pp.
David Crouch, "Homestake Corporate Manager-Environmental Affairs"
Elmer Enderlin,
"Miner in Fifty-Eight Mines"
Claire Fuller,
"Fuller's Superette Market, Lower Lake"
Dennis Goldstein,
"Homestake Corporate Lawyer"
Rex Guinivere,
"Homestake Vice President-Engineering"

The Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, Volume IV. 1998, 331 pp.
Donald Gustafson, "Homestake Exploration Geologist, 1975-1990"
Bonny Jean Hanchett,
"Owner and Editor, Clearlake Observer, 1955-1986"
James Hickey,
"Director of Conservation, Development, and Planning for Napa County, 1970 to 1990"
Irene Jago,
"The Jagos of Jago Bay, Clear Lake"
James Jonas,
"Lake County Fuel Distributor"
Dolora Koontz,
"Environmental Engineer, McLaughlin Mine, 1988-1995"

The Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, Volume V. 1999, 290 pp.
William Kritikos, "Operator, Oat Hill Mine"
John Landman,
"Rancher, Morgan Valley"
Roberta Lyons, "Journalist and Environmentalist"
Roger Madsen,
"Homestake Mechanical Engineer"
Beverly Magoon,
"Merchant and Craft Instructor, Lower Lake"
Edward McGinnis,
"Worker at the Reed Mine"

The Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, Volume VI. 1999, 349 pp.
Robert McKenzie, "McKenzies in Monticello, Berryessa Valley"
Harold Moskowite,
"Napa County Supervisor"
Marion Onstad,
"Neighbor and Employee of the McLaughlin Mine, 1980-1995" [Note: This section available only in The Bancroft Library]
Ronald Parker, "Resident Manager of the McLaughlin Mine, 1988-1994"
Richard Stoehr,
"Homestake Engineer and Geologist to Senior Vice- President and Director"
Joseph Strapko,
"Exploration Geologist, McLaughlin Mine Discovery, 1978"

The Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, Volume VII. 2001, 560 pp.
Peter Scribner, "Boyhood at the Knoxville Mine, 1941-1944"
Jack Thompson
"General Manager, McLaughlin Mine, 1981-1988"
Twyla Thompson,
"County Supervisor, Yolo County"
Edmund Avery Tindell,
"Capay Valley Environmentalists"
John Turney,
"McLaughlin Metallurgist: Pioneering Autoclaving for Gold"
Della Underwood,
"Knoxville Rancher, McLaughlin Mine Surveyor"
Walter Wilcox,
"County Supervisor, Lake County."

The Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, Volume VIII. 2001, 547 pp.
Dean Enderlin, "Mine Geologist, Reclamation Manager, McLaughlin Mine"
Susan Harrison,
"McLaughlin Natural Reserve"
Raymond Krauss,
"Environmental Manager, McLaughlin Mine"

Donated Memoir

Wimpfen, Sheldon, Tin Peaks and Silver Streams. 1995.

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