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The followed projects represent a small sampling from ROHO's vast oral history archives. To browse our entire collection, please utilize our Subject Area listings.
Exploring Diversity and Access at the University This series of interviews explores the experiences of African American faculty and senior staff at UC Berkeley as part of the broader history of the University of California and its commitment to access and diversity.
logo for  	  Taking It to the People: University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Oral History Project
Taking the University to the People: The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Oral History Project documents the 150-year history of the University of California, as a land-grant university, that has provided scientific assistance and technology for the Golden State’s agricultural community and residents in a system in what past UC President Robert Dynes described as the "R, D, and D" model (Research, Development, and Delivery).
Arts in California These recollections of writers, painters, musicians, composers, and architects in California delve into the development of their aesthetic ideas, as well as the events and people who shaped their work. 
Artists with Disabilities Propelled by a powerful history rooted in the struggle for civil rights, artists with disabilities are creating a vibrant arts culture that embodies the individual and collective experience of disability. Funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the interviews in this collection explore the lives and works of seminal artists in dance and performance art.
Icon for Asian Art Museum In 2012 and 2013 ROHO conducted a short series of interviews on the history of San Francisco's Asian Art Museum. The museum is the largest single museum devoted to Asian art in the United States and it holds one of the most significant collections of its kind in the world. The museum celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016.
Image for Bay Bridge Oral History Project The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Oral History Project tells the story of this engineering marvel. Enabling billions of passengers to drive from Oakland to San Francisco, or vice versa, since it opened to the public 1936, the Bay Bridge binds together the region like no other man-made structure. The majority of interviewees for this project spent their careers working on and around the bridge, and they offer their perspective on the engineering achievements, the maintenance challenges, and the complex symbolism of this massive structure.
Community-Based Arts Oral History Project Logo The Community-Based Arts Oral History Project looks at approaches to art that originate in the community. The two projects currently presented are Noah Purifoy's Joshua Tree art project and the Mount Shasta Community Peace Mural. The interviews detail the development and process of each community-based project.
Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement Welcome to UC Berkeley's website on the Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement. Discover our rich collection of primary sources exploring the social and political history of the disability movement from the 1960s to the present.
Icon for Dreyer's Oral History Project The Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Oral History Project tells the story of the transformation of a regional company into America’s most popular brand of ice cream. The twenty eight interviewees of this project include the company’s former owners, investors, and employees discussing everything from the development of Dreyer’s market-changing “slow-churned” ice cream to the company’s unique business philosophy.

Earl Warren in California
The Earl Warren Era Project (recorded 1969-1979) documents the executive branch, the legislature, criminal justice and political campaigns during the Warren Era in California. Focusing on the years 1925-1953, the interviews also provide a record of the life of Earl Warren and yield new information on the changes wrought in California by successive Depression, war, and postwar boom.
Food and Wine Food and Wine features interviews with individuals (chefs, restaurateurs, winemakers, and writers) who have helped spark the intellectual development of a Bay Area California cuisine and wine industries.

Free Speech Movement
In the fall of 1964, the Berkeley campus of the University of California was rocked by the Free Speech Movement. These interviews recount the experiences of a cross section of participants in or witness to the events, including: student leaders and the lawyers who defended those disciplined and arrested; faculty who were in favor of and others who vehemently opposed FSM; ordinary students who as one freshman noted, were “trying to figure out what was going on. 
The Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Oral History Project is an in-depth, interview-based research project into many facets of Kaiser Permanente medicine and medical research, medical care delivery, and the politics, business, and economy of medicine in the United States.
Oakland Army Base Sign The Oakland Army Base Oral History Project documents the core functions of the base during its period of operation (1941-1998); the social life and work culture on the base; the impact of the base on the surrounding area, from the community of West Oakland to the Pacific Rim; and the process of base closure and realignment.
Portuguese in California The Portuguese in California Oral History Project records the stories of Portuguese immigrants and their descendants in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond who represent various aspects of the history of this early immigrant group.
Rosie The Riveter World War II American Homefront Project In collaboration with The National Park Service and the City of Richmond, the Rosie The Riveter / World War II Home Front Oral History Project has documented the experiences of over 200 narrators with a diverse range of experiences during WWII on the American home front.
SFMOMA Oral History Project Logo and Link
Fifty-four individuals who have worked at, worked with, and/or closely observed the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) tell the story of its development. The interviews focus on the museum’s collection, exhibition, and education programs. Interviewees discuss different approaches the museum has taken to integrate art into community life, as well as how it has presented classics of modern art and new trends in contemporary art.
Icon for Slaying the Dragon of Debt oral history project Slaying the Dragon of Debt is a research project by the Regional Oral History Office of The Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. The first year of the project was funded under the auspices of the Shorenstein Program on Politics, Policy, and Values.
Suffragists In the early 1970s, the Suffragists Oral History Project, under the auspices of The Bancroft Library's Regional Oral History Office, collected interviews with twelve leaders and participants in the women's suffrage movement.
University of California History

Hundreds of oral histories across multiple projects and series examine the intellectual, social, and institutional history of the University of California from the early twentieth century to the present.

Venture Capitalists Early Bay Area Venture Capitalists: Shaping the Business and Industrial Landscape documents through videotaped interviews with the first generation of venture capitalists the origins and evolution of the venture capital industry in California during the 1960s and 1970s. Through the words of participants, the project explores and explains how venture capital originated in the Bay Area, its intersection with national legislation and policy, the significance of its location, and its role in creating the electronics and biotechnology industries in California.
West Coast Cocktail oral history logo West Coast Cocktails: An Oral History will trace the legacy of cocktails and spirits through a series of long-form life history interviews with key figures in the industry, including bar owners, bartenders, craft distillers, and cocktail historians. 
Western Mining The Western Mining in the Twentieth Century series documents contemporary events in the most historically important industry of the American West. The series comprises interviews with leaders in mining exploration, production and metallurgical treatment of ores, financing and development of mines, mineral engineering education, state and federal government organizations, and journals of the mineral industries.

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