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Free Speech Movement Oral History Project

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Michael Rogin Transcript

Conducted by Lisa Rubens in 2000, Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2014.

 Photo of Michael rogin

Michael Rogin was beginning his second year as a Professor in the Department of Political Science, and attributes the FSM as a turning point in his academic career. Rogin discusses his experience as a graduate student at the University of Chicago, his knowledge of the Loalty Oath controversy, hi relationship with other members of the Poli Sci department, and his critique of Cold War American liberalism. Rogin was part of a group of theorists —including Norman Jacobson, who was also interviewed for this project, Jack Schaar and Sheldon Wolin who are referred to in many of the interviews for this project. Rogin died before he was able to review his interview.

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