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Robert Price Transcript

Conducted by Lisa Rubens in 1999, Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2014.

Photo of Robert Price

Robert Price was a graduate student in the Department of Political Science, studying with David Apter, a re-eminent African scholar. He had also been drawn to Cal--like many other students—by HUAC’s propaganda film Operation Abolition , which unintentionally made political activism attractive. He describes his background as a red-diaper baby and his role as president of a socialist organization while an undergraduate at Harper College. He reflects on FSM’s evolution from a civil rights movement to one focusing on constitutional issues and educational reform. He vividly recalls many aspects of FSM -sitting around the car, KPFA’s coverage, and the role of the Graduate Coordinating Committee. He also describes the intense intra-departmental conflicts over FSM. Upon receiving his PhD. Price joined the faculty, where he chaired the department from 1996-2000. Price is currently Associate Vice Chancellor for Research .

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