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Over the past four decades ROHO scholars have interviewed nearly two-hundred winemakers, chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, marketers, shop owners, educators, researchers, industry leaders, organizational officials, and writers that have helped spark the intellectual development of a Bay Area food and wine identity in the latter half of the twentieth century. These “Cultural Terroir” pioneers helped implement a Bay area “Food Revolution” and subsequently exported their ideas and products to the national and global community. By utilizing oral history methodologies ROHO has recorded and preserved historical information on foodways and California viticulture that previously only existed in the memories of industry persons. Interviews concentrate on defining how individual and regional “identity” has emanated from and been influenced by political, economic, religious, ethnic, racial, and gender struggles in a multicultural region, nation and developing global community.

The California wine industry oral history series was initiated by Ruth Teiser in 1969 through the action and with the financing of the Wine Advisory Board, a state marketing order organization which ceased operation in 1975. Between 1983 and 2003 funding came from the Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation. In 2002 ROHO began food and food way interviews with a generous gift from Charles E. Williams founder of Williams Sonoma.

Check out audio excerpts from our SoundCloud channel. To help support additional interviews in this series, please consider a donation to ROHO.

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