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Vic Geraci was the food and wine historian at ROHO until his retirement in 2011. Upon completing his doctorate in American history from UC Santa Barbara in 1997 he served as an Associate Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University (1998-2003). Geraci’s academic specialty in the California Wine Industry utilizes oral and public history methodologies honed through projects involving Sicilian Immigration, alcoholic centers, local history, environmental organizations, vintner associations, and over thirty years of secondary and university teaching and curriculum development in California. His viticulture and viniculture publications include the co-authored Aged In Oak, journal articles and reviews in the Southern California Quarterly, Journal of Agricultural History, The Public Historian, and Journal of San Diego History, and his book Salud: The Story of the Santa Barbara Wine Industry from the University of Nevada Press. He also co-edited Icons of American Cooking. Geraci also serves as the Associate Director of ROHO.

Victor, W. Geraci, Ph.D., Food & Wine Historian
Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
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