The Shorenstein Program

The Regional Oral History Office of The Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, is proud to host the Shorenstein Program on Politics, Policy, and Values. The program honors the memory of Walter Shorenstein (1915-2010) and his sixty-five years of public service. The program includes a series of on-going projects recording the back stories to contemporary public debates in the United States—the stories that help explain why political leaders and policy makers made certain decisions and choose particular courses of action. Centered on oral history methodology, the program builds upon and dramatically expands the ability of historians and scholars in a variety of disciplines to integrate personal experience and observations into their interpretations of U.S. society. The Shorenstein Program endeavors to lead in efforts to make history human-centered, alive, and meaningful to the issues occupying the contemporary world.

The Program hosts colloquia and symposia for scholars and leaders of business, philanthropy, journalism, and government to broaden the terms of contemporary debate by giving deeper consideration to the lessons already drawn from practical experience. Postdoctoral fellows work on the Shorenstein Programís research initiatives and participate in organizing the Programís colloquia, symposia, and talks, along with undergraduate and graduate students at Berkeley. The work of the program is disseminated to the broadest possible national and international public, beginning with but not limited to a state-of-the-art web publication program. Web publication will be augmented by release of findings in other media such as books or DVDs.

The Programís Advisory Board of prominent thinkers drawn from business, government, philanthropy, and the academy assists the Director and Staff of the Regional Oral History Office in setting priorities, reviewing project progress, and public outreach programs. The Director and the Advisory Board ensure that the activities of the Shorenstein Program engage the worldís best minds to reflect upon the historical circumstances that need to be understood if the most pressing issues of the day are to be addressed in an effective manner. By assuring the Shorenstein Program activities are integrated into the teaching and research missions of the University of California, Berkeley, the Director and ROHO Staff assure the relevance and value of Shorenstein Program activities and publications for the broadest number of potential users.

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