14 February 2012
Just released: interview transcript with Christopher Edley.

18 November 2011
Just released: interview transcripts with Alan Cohen and James McIntyre.

16 September 2011
Just released: interview transcripts with William G. Hoagland, Robert Reischauer, Alice Rivlin, and James Sasser.

25 August 2011
Just released: interview transcripts with John Hilley, Joseph Minarik, June O'Neill, and John Taylor.

25 August 2011
Triggers to cut deficit don't work by Patrick Sharma.

7 August 2011
Can We Focus on Unemployment Now? by Patrick Sharma.

4 August 2011
Congress pulled a trigger before: Gramm-Rudman tackled deficit in '85 article from Concord Monitor featuring Warren Rudman oral history.

31 July 2011
Patrick Sharma talking Debt Ceiling on CBS 5 and KTVU Channel 2.

25 July 2011
Is Republican Posturing Over the Debt Ceiling Increasing Our National Debt? by Patrick Sharma.

13 July 2011
America's New Fundamentalist Threat by Patrick Sharma.

10 July 2011
Patrick Sharma on CBS San Francisco discussing the debt ceiling.

7 June 2011
Just released: interview transcripts with Secretary Robert Rubin and Governor John Sununu.

25 May 2011
What Would the Founding Fathers Say About the Debt Ceiling? by Patrick Sharma.

21 May 2011
The U.S. had a way to prevent going into debt; let's revive it by Patrick Sharma.

12 May 2011
Farm Subsidies: A Useful Sacrifice in the Budget Debate by Patrick Sharma.

19 April 2011
Just released: interview transcripts with Bert Carp, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Robert Reich, and Warren Rudman.

11 March 2011
From UC Berkeley News Center, Slaying the dragon of debt: Officials’ oral histories tell the political backstory.

7 March 2011
ROHO is proud to announce the launch of the website for Slaying the Dragon of Debt: Fiscal Politics and Policy from the 1970s to the Present. The website features the first selection of interview transcripts alongside interview video clips and a dynamic timeline that provides detailed information on the key pieces of legislation and historical milestones in the recent history of debt and deficits.

March 2010
"The Regional Oral History Ofifce's National Debt Oral History Project: Slaying the Dragon of Debt" by Martin Meeker, pages 6 and 11 of Spring 2011 Bancroftiana.

October 2010
"New Shorenstein Program Supports Analytical Political Narrative" by Martin Meeker, page 10 of Fall 2010 Bancroftiana.

23 September 2010
ROHO's Shorenstein Program on Politics, Policy, and Values was pleased to co-sponsor with the Commonwealth Club of California a panel of recognized economists and policy-makers on "National Debt: The Threat and Potential Solutions." The event was held at the Commonwealth Club of California on Thursday September 23. The panel was broadcast on KQED 88.5 FM on October 1.
Archived audio
Event flyer

25 June 2010
Walter Shorenstein obituary

2 March 2010
UC Berkeley Press Release announcing The Shorenstein Program in Politics, Policy, and Values

11 January 2010
Walter Shorenstein oral history transcript

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