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Related collections in the Program in Bioscience and Biotechnology Studies consist of archival resources, symposium material, and exhibit material. Click on the project title listed below to access its resources.

Bancroft Library
Archival Holdings in the History of Science and Technology

Personal papers and corporate records including correspondence, lab notebooks, business plans and reports, and other hard-to-find material, from academic and corporate sources.
Logo for Life Sciences Foundation Life Sciences Foundation

Contemporary bioscientists are transforming the human condition. The Life Sciences Foundation (LSF) has been established to create a record of their achievements. To learn about the people, institutions, and organizations that are making biotech history, visit LSF timelines, oral histories, feature stories, videos, and archives.
Biotechnology at 25: Perspectives on History, Science, and Society

The symposium held March 12-13, 1999 at Berkeley, commemorated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the invention of recombinant DNA technology by Herbert W. Boyer (UCSF) and Stanley N. Cohen (Stanford University).
Exhibit: Bioscience at Berkeley, Biotechnology in the Bay Area: Selections from an Exhibit in the Bancroft Library

Selections from an exhibit in the Bancroft Library commemorating the 25th anniversay of recombinant DNA
Panel Discusses Ethics and Genetic Technologies

A panel discussion on the Berkeley campus on March 14, 2001 that brought together experts to discuss the ethical and social dimension of new and emerging genetic technologies.


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