Welcome to the Bancroft Library's website for the Program in Bioscience and Biotechnology Studies. The centerpiece is a continually expanding oral history collection on bioscience and biotechnology. You will discover in-depth, fully searchable interviews with basic biological scientists from numerous disciplines; with scientists, executives, attorneys, and others from the biotechnology industry; with AIDS physicians and nurses; with biophysicists and medical physicists; with ophthalmologists; with physicians and public health officials; and with chemists and physicists. Soon to join the online repository is a series of interviews with individuals reflecting multiple perspectives on the California Stem Cell Research Program, created in November 2004 by the passage of Proposition 71.

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Clockwise from lower left: John H. Lawrence; Arthur Kornberg;
William C. Reeves and family; Constance Wofsy; William J. Rutter;
Robert A. Swanson; George B. Rathmann
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