University of California Office of the President Oral Histories

Office of the President 1958 - Present

Stephen A. Arditti
Assistant Vice President and Director of the Office of State Governmental Relations: Representing the University in Sacramento, 1969-2007. 2014, 352 pp.

William B. Baker
The University of California's Budget Process and University Relations, 1959-1997. 2003, 194 pp.

William K. Coblentz (b. 1922)
San Francisco Lawyer, California Higher Education, and Democratic Politics: 1947-1998. 2002, 347 pp.

Afton E. Crooks
On Balance, One Woman's Life and View of University of  California Management, 1954-1990: An Oral History Memoir of the Life of Afton E. Crooks. 1994, 211 pp. [Donated]

David Pierpont Gardner
A Life in Higher Education: Fifteenth President of the University of California, 1983-1992, 1997, 810 pp.

Lawrence C. Hershman
University of California Vice President; Director of the Budget, 1978-2007, 2012, 284 pp.

James B. Kendrick, Jr.
From Plant Pathologist to Vice President for Agricultural and Natural Resources, University of California, 1947-1986. 1989, 392 pp.

Clark Kerr
Interview from Earl Warren: Views and Episodes. 1976, 205 pp.

V. Wayne Kennedy
University of California Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, 1993-2000; UC San Diego Vice Chancellor, Administration, 1985-1993, 2007, 370 pp.

C. Judson King
C. Judson King: A Career in Chemical Engineering and University Administration, 1963 – 2013. 2013, 841 pp.

Jay Michael
Vice President of the University of California, and Chief Sacramento Lobbyist Director, Office of State Governmental Relations, 1966-1976. 2014, 352 pp.

Elmo Morgan
Physical Planning and Management: Los Alamos, University of Utah, University of California, and AID, 1942-1976. 1992, 274 pp.

Jack W. Peltason
Political Scientist and Leader in Higher Education, 1947-1995: Sixteenth President of the University of California, Chancellor at UC Irvine and the University of Illinois. 2001, 836 pp.

Suzanne Toll Peltason
Partner and Participant: University of California Chancellor's and President's Wife, 1984-1995. 2002, 158 pp.

Karl S. Pister (b. 1925)
University of California, Berkeley, College of Engineering, Professor and Dean: UCSC Chancellor; Universitywide Chair of the Academic Council and Vice President - Educational Outreach, 1952-2003. 2003, 637 pp.

Harry Wellman
Teaching, Research and Administration, University of California, 1925-1968. 1976, 259 pp.

The University of California Office of the President and Its Constituencies, 1983-1995.
Volume I: The Office of the President, 2002, 351 pp.
Interviews with: Stephen A. Arditti; William B. Baker; Ronald W. Brady; William R. Frazer; and Cornelius L. Hopper, M.D.

Volume II: On the Campuses: Chancellors, Faculty, Student, 2002, 332 pp.
Interviews with: Theodore L. Hullar; Clark Kerr; Julius R. Krevans; Pedro Noguera; Glenn T. Seaborg; Neil J. Smelser; Martin Trow; and Charles E. Young.

Volume III: Regents and State Government Officials, 2002, 483 pp.
Interviews with Roy T. Brophy; Robert J. Campbell; George C. Deukmejian; Richard G. Heggie; Walter E. Hoadley; Meredith J. Khachigian; Howard H. Leach; Steven A. Merksamer; Dean A. Watkins;
and Harold M. Williams.

Office of the President 1905 - 1958

James V. Corley
Serving the University in Sacramento. 1969, 143 pp.

Herbert B. Foster
The Role of the Engineer's Office in the Development of the University of California Campuses. 1960, 134 pp.

Ella Barrows Hagar
Continuing Memoirs: Family, Community, University.  (Class of 1919, daughter of University President David P. Barrows.) 1974, 624 pp.

Claude B. Hutchison
The College of Agriculture, University of California, 1922-1952. 1962, 524 pp.

Ralph P. Merritt
After Me Cometh a Builder, the Recollections of Ralph Palmer Merritt. 1962, 137 pp.

Agnes Roddy Robb
Robert Gordon Sproul and the University of California. 1976, 134 pp.

Ida Wittschen Sproul
The President's Wife. 1981, 347 pp.

Robert Gordon Sproul Oral History Project. Two volumes, 1986, 904 pp.
Volume I
Volume II
Includes interviews with thirty-five persons who knew him well: Horace M. Albright, Stuart LeRoy Anderson, Katherine Connick Bradley, Franklin M. "Dyke" Brown, Ernest H. Burness, Natalie Cohen, Paul A. Dodd, May Dornin, Richard E. Erickson, Walter S. Frederick, David P. Gardner, Marion Sproul Goodin, Vernon L. Goodin, Louis H. Heilbron, Robert S. Johnson, Clark Kerr, Adrian A. Kragen, Mary Blumer Lawrence, Stanley E. McCaffrey, Dean McHenry, Donald H. McLaughlin, Kendric Morrish, Marion Morrish, William Penn Mott, Jr., Herman Phleger, John B. deC. M. Saunders, Carl W. Sharsmith, John A. Sproul, Robert Gordon Sproul, Jr., Wallace Sterling, Wakefield Taylor, Robert M. Underhill, Eleanor L. Van Horn, Garff B. Wilson, and Pete L. Yzaguirre.

Frank C. Stevens
Forty Years in the Office of the President, University of California, 1905-1945. 1959, 175 pp.

Regents and Officers of the Regents

Elinor Raas Heller
A Volunteer in Politics, in Higher Education, and on Governing Boards. Two volumes, 1984, 851 pp.

Donald McLaughlin
Careers in Mining Geology and Management, University Governance and Teaching. 1975, 318 pp.

John Francis Neylan
Politics, Law, and the University of California. 1962, 319 pp.

Theodora Kroeber-Quinn
Timeless Woman, Writer and Interpreter of the California Indian World.  1982, 453 pp.

Robert M. Underhill
University of California: Lands, Finances, and Investments. 1968, 446 pp.

Yori Wada
Working for Youth and Social Justice: The YMCA, the University of California, and the Stulsaft Foundation. 1991, 203 pp.

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