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Chinese Linguist, Phonologist, Composer and Author. 1977. 242 pp.

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Conversations with Sheldon Cheney. 1977, 166 pp.

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(b. 1913)
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John Cummins
Conversations with John Cummins: Four Decades of Administrative Leadership at the University of California, Berkeley. 2013, 201 pp.
Video Excerpt: John Cummins: Responding to the Escalation of Student Protest

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Dean and Professor at UC Berkeley's School of Librarianship, 1946-1976, 158 pp.

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The Dean of Women and the Importance of Students.  1967, 79 pp. 

Harmer Davis
Founder of the Institute of Transportation and Traffic Engineering.  1997, 173 pp.

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Philosophy and the University Since 1915. 1970, 162 pp.

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The University's Role in Housing Services. 1970, 129 pp.

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An Oral History with Troy Duster. 2012, 300 pp.

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California Athlete, Coach, Administrator, Ambassador. 1968, 106 pp.

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American Social and Cultural Historian and Historian of Childhood, University of California, Berkeley, 1974-2012. 2012, 126 pp.
Video Excerpts:
On the influence of intellectural community in UC Berkeley Department of History
On divisions in the department over approaches to history

Donald L. Foley
Environmental Design at the University of California at Berkeley. 2005, 130 pp.

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An Anthropologist's Life in the 20th Century: Theory and Practice at UC Berkeley, the Smithsonian, in Mexico, and with the World Health Organization, 1200, xii, 413 pp.

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An Oral History with Jewelle Taylor Gibbs. 2010, 442 pp.

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Volume 2. 1993, 1069 pp.

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Mediterranean Style in the Berkeley Hills. 1978, 42 pp.

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Student Athletics and the Voluntary Discipline. 1967, 50 pp.

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A Life in Western Water Development, Volume 1.  1967, 524 pp.
A Life in Western Water Development, Volume 2.

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An Oral History with Henrietta Harris. 2006, 195 pp.

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Professor and Practitioner: Government, Election Reform, and the Votomatic. 1983, 155 pp.

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Order, Taste, and Grace in Architecture.  1968, 241 pp.

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A Volunteer in Politics, in Higher Education, and on Governing Boards. Two volumes, 1984, 851 pp.

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Physics and Faculty Governance at the University of California Berkeley, 1937-1990. 1993, 387 pp.

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Historian of Spain and France, University of California, Berkeley, 1960-1991. 2009, 270 pp.'

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University of California Vice President; Director of the Budget, 1978-2007, 2012, 284 pp.

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Business Economist, Federal Reserve System Director, and University of California Regent, 1938-2000. 2000, 286 pp.

F. Clark Howell
Modernizing Physical Anthropology through Fieldwork, Science, and Collaboration. 2012, 112 pp.
Video Excerpt: Meeting the Leakey Family and Early Prehistory Research in Africa
Video Excerpt: The Piltdown Hoax and the Museum of Natural History, London

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Teacher and Founding Curator of the East Asiatic Library: from Urbana to Berkeley by Way of Peking.  1977, 278 pp.

Lynn A. Hunt
Historian of France and Modern Europe, Professor at Berkeley, 1974-1987. 2013, 93 pp.
Video Excerpts: On Representations and what it represented
Setting the agenda: Berkeley's expectations of its scholars

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A Career in Consumer Economics and Social Insurance. 1971, 111 pp.

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The College of Agriculture, University of California, 1922-1952. 1962, 524 pp.

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Professor of Political Theory. 2007, 23 pp.

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Soil Scientist, Teacher, and Scholar. 1989, 364 pp.

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Student Housing, Welfare, and the ASUC. 1970, 157 pp.

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Partners in Longitudinal Studies. 1983, 154 pp.

Reginald Jones
An Oral History with Reginald Lanier Jones. 2006, 137 pp.

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Historian of Slavery and Race Relations in America, Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, 1963-1982. 2009. 194 pp.

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A Technologist Views the California Wine Industry. 1974, 151 pp.

Amandus N. Kasimatis
A Career in California Viticulture. 1988, 54 pp. (UC Davis professor.)

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Professor, 1960-Present, and Dean, 1992-2000, Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley, 2005. 180 pp.

David N. Keightley
Historian of Early China, University of California, Berkeley, 1969-1998. 2003, 190 pp.

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From Plant Pathologist to Vice President for Agricultural and Natural Resources, University of California, 1947-1986. 1989, 392 pp.

V. Wayne Kennedy
University of California Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, 1993-2000; UC San Diego Vice Chancellor, Administration, 1985-1993, 2007, 370 pp.

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Vice Chancellor of Administration, University of California 1970-1982. 2012, 196 pp.

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C. Judson King: A Career in Chemical Engineering and University Administration, 1963 – 2013. 2013, 841 pp.

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Citizenship in a Democracy.  (Stiles Hall, University YMCA.)  1973, 292 pp.

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The Lair of the Bear and the Alumni Association, 1949- 1993.  1993, 387 pp.

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The Reorganization of Biology at the University of California Berkeley. Interviews with Daniel Koshland, Roderic Park and Louise Taylor. 2003, 127 pp.

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Science, Academic Service, Philanthropy. 2011, 345 pp.

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Restrospectives on a Life in Academic Science, Family, and Community Activities, Interviews with James P. Allison, Anne H. Good, Catherine P. Koshland, Daniel E. Koshland, Jr., Doughlas E. Koshland, James M. Koshland, Hugh O. McDevitt, Gail Koshland Wachtel. 2003, 228 pp.

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A Law Professor's Career: Teaching, Private Practice, and Legislative Representation, 1934 to 1989.  1991, 333 pp.

Theodora Kroeber-Quinn
Timeless Woman, Writer and Interpreter of the California Indian World.  1982, 453 pp.

Ernest S. Kuh
Innovator In Circuit Theory And Computer Aided Design
Professor And Chair, Department Of Electrical Engineering And Computer Sciences
Dean, College Of Engineering, University Of California, Berkeley
Decades Of Service To Academia, Science, Industry, And Development In Asia
2006, 274 pp.

Watson "Mac" Laetsch
Botanist, UC Berkeley Administrator and Fundraiser, Partner in International Development. 2012, 331 pp.

Catherine Landreth
The Nursery School of the Institute of Child Welfare of the University of California, Berkeley. 1983, 51 pp.

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Teaching, Research, and Consultation in Water Purification and Sewage Treatment, University of California at Berkeley, 1916-1955. 1982, 81 pp.

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Recollections and Reminiscences of Life in the Bay Area from 1920 Onward. 1969, 367 pp.

Victor F. Lenzen
Physics and Philosophy. 1965, 206 pp.

Lawrence Levine
Historian of American Culture Professor at Berkeley, 1992-1994. 2014, 479 pp.

Leon Litwack
Historian of the American People and the African American Experience, Professor at Berkeley, 1964-2007. 2014, 335 pp.

Luna Leopold
Hydrology, Geomorphology, and Environmental Policy: U.S. Geological Survey, 1950-1972, and the UC Berkeley, 1972-1987. 1993, 309 pp.

Ferdinand D. Lessing
Early Years.  (Professor of Oriental Languages.) 1963, 70 pp.

Lawrence Levine, United States Cultural History [Transcript In Progress]
Video Excerpts:
Black Culture and Black Consciousness and the Use of Theory Part 1
Black Culture and Black Consciousness and the Use of Theory Part 2
The Genesis of Highbrow/Lowbrow
The Unpredicatable Past
The Opening of the American Mind
On Being Arrested for the Last Time
"The Fireside Chats" and the Great Depression

T. Y. Lin
"The Father of Prestressed Concrete": Teaching Engineers, Bridging Rivers and Borders, 1931 to 1999, 2001, 430 pp.

Leon Litwack, United States History, African American History [In Progress]

Percy H. McGauhey
The Sanitary Engineering Research Laboratory: Administration, Research, and Consultation, 1950-1972.  1974, 259 pp.

June McCaskill
Herbarium Scientist, University of California, Davis. 1989, 83 pp.  (UC Davis professor)

Donald McLaughlin
Careers in Mining Geology and Management, University Governance and Teaching. 1975, 318 pp.

Martin Edward Malia
Historian of Russian and European Intellectual History, 2005. 239 pp.

Fred Martin
Fred Martin: Art Department Alumni at the University of California, Berkeley. 2010, 83 pp.
View Art Department Alumni Video Excerpt

Doris Maslach
A Life History with Doris Maslach, 2007. 295 pp.

George Maslach
Aeronautical Engineer, Professor, Dean of the College of Engineering, Provost for Professional Schools and Colleges, Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs University of California at Berkeley 1949-1983, 2000. 614 pp.

Henry F. May
Professor of American Intellectual History, University of California, Berkeley, 1952-1980. 1999, 218 pp.

Ralph P. Merritt
After Me Cometh a Builder, the Recollections of Ralph Palmer Merritt. 1962, 137 pp.  (UC Rice and Raisin Marketing.)

Woodbridge Metcalf
Extension Forester, 1926-1956.  1969, 138 pp.

Karl F. Meyer
Medical Research and Public Health. 1976, 439 pp.

Jay Michael
Vice President of the University of California, and Chief Sacramento Lobbyist Director, Office of State Governmental Relations, 1966-1976. 2014, 352 pp.

Josephine Miles
Poetry, Teaching, and Scholarship. 1980, 344 pp.

Lucy Sprague Mitchell
Pioneering in Education. 1962, 174 pp.

Luis Monguió (b. 1908)
Memorias de un Hombre de Accion y Pensamiento (Memoirs of a man of action and thought). 2003, 124 pp.

Elmo Morgan
Physical Planning and Management: Los Alamos, University of Utah, University of California, and AID, 1942-1976. 1992, 274 pp.

Carlos Muñoz
Latino Leader and Scholar. 2014, 250 pp.

Charles Muscatine
The Loyalty Oath, The Free Speech Movement, and Education Reforms at the University of California, Berkeley. 2004, 125 pp.

Laura Nader
Laura Nader: A Life of Teaching, Investigation, Scholarship and Scope. 2014, 185 pp.

Eugen Neuhaus (1879-1963)
Reminiscences: Bay Area Art and the University of California Art Department, 1961, 48 pp.

Pete Newell
UC Berkeley Athletics and a Life in Basketball: Coaching Collegiate and Olympic Champions; Managing, Teaching, and Consulting in the NBA, 1935-1995. 1997, 470 pp.

Frank Newman
Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley, 1946-present, Justice, California Supreme Court, 1977-1983.  1994, 336 pp.  (Available through California State Archives.)

John Francis Neylan
Politics, Law, and the University of California. 1962, 319 pp.

Dorothy B. Nyswander
Professor and Activist for Public Health Education in the Americas and Asia. 1994, 318 pp.

Morrough P. O'Brien
Dean of the College of Engineering, Pioneer in Coastal Engineering, and Consultant to General Electric. 1989, 313 pp.

Harold P. Olmo
Plant Genetics and New Grape Varieties.  1976, 183 pp. (UC Davis professor.) 

Cornelius Ough
Recollections of an Enologist, University of California, Davis, 1950-1990. 1990, 66 pp.

Jack W. Peltason
Political Scientist and Leader in Higher Education, 1947-1995: Sixteenth President of the University of California, Chancellor at UC Irvine and the University of Illinois. 2001, 836 pp.

Suzanne Toll Peltason
Partner and Participant: University of California Chancellor's and President's Wife, 1984-1995. 2002, 158 pp.

Stephen C. Pepper
Art and Philosophy at the University of California, 1919-1962.  1963, 471 pp.

Thomas H. Pigford
Building the Fields of Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Waste Management, 1950-1999. 2001, 456 pp.

Karl S. Pister (b. 1925)
University of California, Berkeley, College of Engineering, Professor and Dean: UCSC Chancellor; Universitywide Chair of the Academic Council and Vice President - Educational Outreach, 1952-2003. 2003, 637 pp.

Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer (1914-1997)
Chemist and Administrator at UC Berkeley, Rice University, Stanford University, and the Atomic Energy Commission, 1935-1997, 1999, xiii, 544 pp.

Robert Langley Porter
Physician, Teacher and Guardian of the Public Health.  1960, 102 pp.  (UC San Francisco professor.)

Sonya Rapoport
Sonya Rapoport: Art Department Alumni at the University of California, Berkeley. 2010, 83 pp.
View Art Department Alumni Video Excerpt

William Reeves
Arbovirologist and Professor, UC Berkeley School of Public Health. 1993, 686 pp.

Flora Elizabeth Reynolds (b. 1911)
"A Dukedom Large Enough": Forty Years in Northern California's Public and Academic Libraries, 1936-1976 1200, x, 158 pp.

Roger Revelle (UC San Diego professor) 
Oceanography, Population Resources and the World, Volume 1: Preparation for a Scientific Career, 1988.
Oceanography, Population Resources and the World, Volume 2: Observations on the Office of Naval Research and International Science, 1945-1960, 1988.
Oceanography, Population Resources and the World, Volume 3: Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1951-1964, 1988.
Oceanography, Population Resources and the World, Volume 4: The International Scientist, 1998.

Nicholas V. Riasanovsky
Professor of Russian and European Intellectual History, University of California, Berkeley, 1957-1997.  1998, 312 pp.

Leon J. Richardson
Berkeley Culture, University of California Highlights, and University Extension, 1892-1960. 1962, 248 pp.

Agnes Roddy Robb
Robert Gordon Sproul and the University of California. 1976, 134 pp.

Charles Edwin Rossbach
Artist, Mentor, Professor, Writer.  1987, 157 pp.

Howard Schachman
UC Berkeley Professor of Molecular Biology: On the Loyalty Oath Controversy, The Free Speech Movement, and Freedom in Scientific Research. 2007, 182 pp.

Howard Schachman
University of California Professor of Molecular Biology: Discussions of His Research Over His Scientific Career From the 1940s Until 2010. 2010, 175 pp.

Jacques Schnier
A Sculptor's Odyssey. 1987, 304 pp.

Carl E. Schorske
Intellectual Life, Civil Libertarian Issues, and the Student Movement at the University of California, Berkeley, 1960-1969. 2000, 203 pp.

Geraldine Knight Scott
A Woman in Landscape Architecture in California, 1926-1989. 1990, 235 pp.

Philip Selznick (1919-2010)
An Oral History with Philip Selznick, 2010. 178 pp.

Peter J. Shields
Reminiscences of the Father of the Davis Campus. 1954, 107 pp.

Neil Smelser
Distinguished Sociologist, University Professor and Servant to the Public. 2013, 796 pp.

Mary Perry Smith
An Interview with Mary Perry Smith, Co-founder of MESA. 2004, 105 pp.

Norvel Smith
A Life in Education and Community Service. 2004, 194 pp.

Ida Wittschen Sproul
The President's Wife.  1981, 347 pp.

Kenneth M. Stampp
Historian of Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, University of California, Berkeley, 1946-1983. 1998, 313 pp.

Milton Stern
The Learning Society: Continuing Education at NYU, Michigan, and UC Berkeley, 1946-1991.  1993, 292 pp.

Frank C. Stevens
Forty Years in the Office of the President, University of California, 1905-1945. 1959, 175 pp.

George R. Stewart
A Little of Myself. (Author and UC Professor of English) 1972, 319 pp.

Fred S. Stripp, Jr.
University Debate Coach, Berkeley Civic Leader, and Pastor.  1990, 75 pp.

Edward R. Strong (1901-1990)
Philosopher, Professor, and Berkeley Chancellor, 1961-1965.  1992, 530 pp.

Paul Schuster Taylor
Volume I: Education, Field Research, and Family, 1973, 342 pp.
Volume II and Volume III: California Water and Agricultural  Labor, 1975, 519 pp.

Jacobus tenBroek
On the Organization and Philosophy of the National Federation of The Blind. 2012, 44 pp. [Interviews conducted 1955-56]

Phillips Thygeson
External Eye Disease and the Proctor Foundation. 1988, 321 pp.  (UC San Francisco professor.)  (Available through the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.)

Chang-Lin Tien
Four Decades of Distinguished Service: UC Berkeley Chancellor, 1990-1997, Vice Chancellor for Research, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Renowned Expert in Microsale Thermophysical Engineering. 2004, 297 pp.

Katherine A. Towle
Administration and Leadership.  1970, 369 pp.

Charles H. Townes
A Life in Physics: Bell Telephone Laboratories and WWII, Columbia University and the Laser, MIT and Government Service; California and Research in Astrophysics, 1994, 691 pp. Includes interviews with Arthur Schawlow and Frances Townes.

Joseph Tussman
Philosopher, Professor, Educator. 2012, 307 pp.

Lloyd Ulman
An Oral History with Lloyd Ulman. 2013, 278 pp.

Robert M. Underhill
University of California: Lands, Finances, and Investments. 1968, 446 pp.

Henry J. Vaux
Forestry in the Public Interest: Education, Economics, State Policy, 1933-1983. 1987, 337 pp.

Yori Wada
Working for Youth and Social Justice: The YMCA, the University of California, and the Stulsaft Foundation. 1991, 203 pp.

Fred Wakeman, Historian of China [In Progress]

Henry C. Waring
Henry C. Waring on University Extension. 1960, 130 pp.

Harry Wellman
Teaching, Research and Administration, University of California, 1925-1968. 1976, 259 pp.

Glenn A. Wessels
Education of an Artist. 1967, 326 pp.

Katherine Westphal
Artist and Professor. 1988, 190 pp.  (UC Davis professor.)

John Whinnery
Researcher and Educator in Electromagnetics,  Microwaves, and Optoelectronics, 1935-1995; Dean of the College of Engineering, UC Berkeley, 1950-1963.  1996, 273 pp.

Robert L. Wiegel
Coastal Engineering: Research, Consulting, and Teaching, 1946-1997.  1997, 327 pp.

Margaret B. Wilkerson
A Life in Theater and Higher Education. 2013. 284 pp.

Arleigh Williams
Dean of Students Arleigh Williams: The Free Speech Movement and the Six Years' War, 1964-1970.  1990, 329 pp.

Arleigh and Betty H. Neely Williams
Disabled Students' Residence Program. 1987, 41 pp.

Garff B. Wilson
The Invisible Man, or, Public Ceremonies Chairman at Berkeley for Thirty-Five Years.  1981, 442 pp.

Patrick G. Wilson (b. 1927)
Philosopher of Information: An Eclectic Imprint on Berkeley's School of Librarianship, 1965-1991, 1200, xi, 240 pp.

Albert J. Winkler
Viticultural Research at UC Davis, 1921-1971.  1973, 144 pp.

Leon Wofsy
Professor Emeritus in Immunology and Political Activist. 2008, 49 pp.
Leon Wofsy is Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology/Immunology. PhD in Chemistry, Yale 1961. He joined the UCB faculty as Associate Professor in 1964; Professor in 1968; Chair of Bacteriology and Imuunology, 1967-1972; Chair of Microbiology and Immunology, 1975-1977. Emeritus, 1984. His primary research activity and publications focused on antibody active sites and lymphocyte membrane receptors. He has also had a lifetime interest in social and political issues and has written numerous articles on such subjects.

Baldwin M. Woods
University of California Extension. 1957, 102 pp.

Michele Woods Jones
An Oral History with Michele Woods Jones. 2005, 121 pp.

William Wilson Wurster
College of Environmental Design, University of California, Campus Planning, and Architectural Practice. 1964, 339 pp.

Multi-interview Volumes
 Blake Estate Oral History Project.  1988, 582 pp.
     Architects landscape architects, gardeners, presidents of UC
       document the history of the UC presidential residence.  Includes
       interviews with Mai Arbegast, Igor Blake, Ron and Myra Brocchini,
       Toichi Domoto, Eliot Evans, Tony Hail, Linda Haymaker, Charles
       Hitch, Flo Holmes, Clark and Kay Kerr, Gerry Scott, George and
       Helena Thacher, Walter Vodden, and Norma Willer.

  Centennial History Project, 1954-1960.  329 pp.
     Includes interviews with George P. Adams, Anson Stiles Blake,
       Walter C. Blasdale, Joel H. Hildebrand, Samuel J. Holmes, Alfred L.
       Kroeber, Ivan M. Linforth, George D. Louderback, Agnes Fay Morgan,
       and William Popper.  (Bancroft Library use only.)

  Thomas D. Church, Landscape Architect, Volume 1. 1978, 803 pp.
     Volume I: Includes interviews with Theodore Bernardi, Lucy Butler,
       June Meehan Campbell, Louis De Monte, Walter Doty, Donn Emmons,
       Floyd Gerow, Harriet Henderson, Joseph Howland, Ruth Jaffe, Burton
       Litton, Germano Milano, Miriam Pierce, George Rockrise, Robert
       Royston, Geraldine Knight Scott, Roger Sturtevant, Francis Violich,
       and Harold Watkin.
     Volume II: Includes interviews with Maggie Baylis, Elizabeth
       Roberts Church, Robert Glasner, Grace Hall, Lawrence Halprin,
       Proctor Mellquist, Everitt Miller, Harry Sanders, Lou Schenone,
       Jack Stafford, Goodwin Steinberg, and Jack Wagstaff.

  Interviews with Dentists.  (Dental History Project, University of
     California, San Francisco.)  1969, 1114 pp.  Includes interviews
       with Dickson Bell, Reuben L. Blake, Willard C. Fleming, George A.
       Hughes, Leland D. Jones, George F. McGee, C. E. Rutledge, William
       B. Ryder, Jr., Herbert J. Samuels, Joseph Sciutto, William S.
       Smith, Harvey Stallard, George E. Steninger, and Abraham W. Ward.
       (Bancroft Library use only.)

  Julia Morgan Architectural History Project. Two volumes, 1976, 621 pp.
     Volume I: The Work of Walter Steilberg and Julia Morgan, and the
       Department of Architecture, UCB, 1904-1954

     Includes interviews with Walter T. Steilberg, Robert Ratcliff,
       Evelyn Paine Ratcliff, Norman L. Jensen, John E. Wagstaff, George
       C. Hodges, Edward B. Hussey, and Warren Charles Perry.

  Julia Morgan Architectural History Project.
     Volume II: Julia Morgan, Her Office, and a House. 
     Includes interviews with Mary Grace Barron, Kirk O. Rowlands, Norma
       Willer, Quintilla Williams, Catherine Freeman Nimitz, Polly
       Lawrence McNaught, Hettie Belle Marcus, Bjarne Dahl, Bjarne Dahl,
       Jr., Morgan North, Dorothy Wormser Coblentz, and Flora d'Ille

The Loyalty Oath at the University of California, 1949-1952. 2004, 145 pp.
Interviews with: Howard Bern; Ralph Giesey; Mary Tolman Kent; and Deborah Tolman Whitney.
See also The Bancroft Library's California Loyalty Oath Digital Collection.

  The Prytaneans: An Oral History of the Prytanean Society and its
     Members.  (Order from Prytanean Society)
     Volume I:   1901-1920, 1970, 307 pp.
     Volume II:  1921-1930, 1977, 313 pp.
     Volume III: 1931-1935, 1990, 343 pp.

  Six Weeks in Spring, 1985: Managing Student Protest at UC Berkeley.
     887 pp.  Transcripts of sixteen interviews conducted during July-
       August 1985 documenting events on the UC Berkeley campus in April-
       May 1985 and administration response to student activities
       protesting university policy on investments in South Africa.
       Interviews with: Ira Michael Heyman, chancellor; Watson Laetsch,
       vice chancellor; Roderic Park, vice chancellor; Ronald Wright, vice
       chancellor; Richard Hafner, public affairs officer; John Cummins
       and Michael R. Smith, chancellor's staff; Patrick Hayashi and B.
       Thomas Travers, undergraduate affairs; Mary Jacobs, Hal Reynolds,
       and Michelle Woods, student affairs; Derry Bowles, William Foley,
       Joseph Johnson, and Ellen Stetson, campus police. 

  Robert Gordon Sproul Oral History Project.  Two volumes, 1986, 904 pp.
  Volume I
  Volume II
     Includes interviews with thirty-five persons who knew him well:
       Horace M. Albright, Stuart LeRoy Anderson, Katherine Connick
       Bradley, Franklin M. "Dyke" Brown, Ernest H. Burness, Natalie
       Cohen, Paul A. Dodd, May Dornin, Richard E. Erickson, Walter S.
       Frederick, David P. Gardner, Marion Sproul Goodin, Vernon L.
       Goodin, Louis H. Heilbron, Robert S. Johnson, Clark Kerr, Adrian A.
       Kragen, Mary Blumer Lawrence, Stanley E. McCaffrey, Dean McHenry,
       Donald H. McLaughlin, Kendric Morrish, Marion Morrish, William Penn
       Mott, Jr., Herman Phleger, John B. deC. M. Saunders, Carl W.
       Sharsmith, John A. Sproul, Robert Gordon Sproul, Jr., Wallace
       Sterling, Wakefield Taylor, Robert M. Underhill, Eleanor L. Van
       Horn, Garff B. Wilson, and Pete L. Yzaguirre.

The Women's Faculty Club of the University of California at Berkeley, 1919-1982. 1983, 312 pp. 
Includes interviews with Josephine Smith, Margaret Murdock, Agnes Robb, May Dornin, Josephine Miles, Gudveig Gordon-Britland, Elizabeth Scott, Marian Diamond, Mary Ann Johnson, Eleanor Van Horn, and Katherine Van Valer Williams.

Donated Faculty Oral History Collection

Millie Almy
Reflections of Early Childhood Education: 1934-1994. 1997, 89 pp.

Harold F. Weaver
Harold F. Weaver, California Astronomer. 1993, 165 pp.

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