Black Alumni of The University of California

Allen Broussard

A California Supreme Court Justice Looks at Law and Society, 1969-1996. 1997, 266 pp.

Lloyd Noel Ferguson
Increasing Opportunities in Chemistry, 1936-1986. 1992, 74 pp.

Walter A. Gordon
Athlete, Officer in Law Enforcement and Administration, Governor of the Virgin Islands, Volumes 1-2.
1980, 621 pp.

Ida Jackson
Overcoming Barriers in Education. 1990, 80 pp.

Charles Patterson
Working for Civic Unity in Government, Business, and Philanthropy.  1994, 220 pp.

Tarea Hall Pittman
NAACP Official and Civil Rights Worker. 1974, 159 pp.

Marvin Poston
Making Opportunities in Vision Care. 1989, 104 pp.

Emmett J. Rice
Education of an Economist: From Fulbright Scholar to  the Federal Reserve Board, 1951-1979. 1991, 92 pp.

William Byron Rumford
Legislator for Fair Employment, Fair Housing,  and Public Health. 1973, 152 pp.

Archie Williams
The Joy of Flying: Olympic Gold, Air Force Colonel,  and Teacher. 1993, 85 pp.

Lionel Wilson
Attorney, Judge, Oakland Mayor.  1992, 104 pp.

Material from the series has been used in numerous campus outreach programs to Bay Area schools and community organizations. Abstracts of the interviews appear in Head of the Class, An Oral History of African-American Achievement in Higher Education and Beyond by Gabrielle Morris.

See also Exploring Diversity and Access at the University of California: African American Faculty and Senior Staff Oral History Project.

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