Anthropology Oral Histories

Burton Benedict (1923-2010)
A Social Anthropologist in Britain and Berkeley, 2002, 342 pp.

Desmond J. Clark (1916-2002)
Archaeologist An Archaeologist's Work in African Prehistory and Early Human Studies: Teamwork and Insight, 2002, xvii, 532 pages.

Elizabeth Colson (b. 1917)
Anthropology and a Lifetime of Observation, 2002, xv, 358 pages.

George M. Foster (1913-2006)
An Anthropolgist's Life in the Twentieth Century: Theory and Practice at UC Berkeley, the Smithsonian, in Mexico, and with the World Health Organization. 2000, 413 pp.

Mary LeCron Foster (b. 1914)
Finding the Themes: Anthropology, Language Origins, Peace and Conflict. 2001, 337 pp.

F. Clark Howell
Modernizing Physical Anthropology through Fieldwork, Science, and Collaboration. 2012, 112 pp.
Video Excerpt: Meeting the Leakey Family and Early Prehistory Research in Africa
Video Excerpt: The Piltdown Hoax and the Museum of Natural History, London

Richard Klein
F. Clark Howell and the Modernization of Paleoanthropology in the United States at Michigan, Chicago, Berkeley, and Stanford. 2013, 26 pp.

Laura Nader
Laura Nader: A Life of Teaching, Investigation, Scholarship and Scope. 2014, 185 pp.

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