Medicine and Public Health Interviews

Marie Louise-Ansak
Founding and Directing of On Lok Senior Health Services, 1971-1996, 2004, 179 pp.

Lawrence Arnstein (1880-1979)
Community Service in California Public Health and Social Welfare, 1964, 292 pp.

Leslie Benet
The Transporter: Dr. Les Benet and the Evolution of the Biopharmaceutical Sciences at UCSF, 1965-2015, 2015, 238 pp.

Jessie Bierman (1900-1996)
Maternal and Child Health in Montana, California, the U.S. Children's Bureau, and WHO, 1926-1967. 1987, 246 pp.

Henrik Blum
Equity for the Public's Health: Contra Costa County Health Officer, Professor, U.C. School of Public Health, WHO Fieldworker, 1999, 425 pp.

Lester Breslow (1915-2012)
Vision and Reality in State Health Care: Medi-Cal and Other Public Programs, 1946-1975. 1985, 95 pp.

Earl W. Brian (b. 1942)
"Health and Welfare Policy, 1970-1974: A Narrow Spectrum of Debate," 59 pp. in Governor Reagan's Cabinet and Agency Administration. 1986. $63 [Ronald Reagan Era Project]

Bob Day
Associate Dean of the School of Pharmacy, UCSF, 2013, 237 pp.

Sanford S. Elberg (b. 1913)
Graduate Education and Microbiology at the University of California, Berkeley, 1930-1989. 1990, 269 pp.

Joel Fort (b. 1929)
Public Health Pioneer, Criminologist, Reformer, Ethicist, and Humanitarian, 1997, 382 pp.

Frank Leven Albert Gerbode
Pioneer Cardiovascular Surgeon, 1985, 678 pp.

Robert Gumbiner [Volume I] (b. 1923)
FHP: The Evolution of a Managed Care Health Maintenance Organization, 1955-1992, Volume I. 1994, 458 pp. [Physician; HMO founder Southern California]
Includes interviews with nine former and present FHP employees, with early association or with key positions in the company: R. Colleen Bennett (b. 1934); Burke F. Gumbiner (b. 1950); Harold W. Johnson, III (b. 1944); David LeSueur (b. 1949); Charles A. Lifschultz (b. 1948); Jack D. Massimino (b. 1949); Raymond W. Pingle (b. 1947); Westcott W. Price, III (b. 1939); Henry Schultz (b. 1915).

Robert Gumbiner [Volume II]
FHP: The Evolution of a Managed Care Health Maintenance Organization, 1993-1997, Volume II, 1997, 170 pp.
Includes interviews with Nick Franklin, senior vice president of FHP Public Affairs; and Burke F. Gumbiner, FHP senior vice president and president of FHP insurance group.

H. Howard Hassard (1910-1999)
The California Medical Association, Medical Insurance, and the Law, 1935-1992, 1993, 228 pp.

Bernice Hemphill (1915-1996)
The Mother of Blood Banking: Irwin Memorial Blood Bank and the American Association of Blood Banks 1944-1994, 1998, 228 pp.

Harald Johnson (1907-1996)
Virologist and Naturalist with the Rockefeller Foundation and the California Department of Public Health. 1991, 391 pp.

Edwin H. Lennette (1908-2000)
Pioneer of Diagnostic Virology with the California Department of Public Health. 1988, 420 pp.

James V. Lowry (b. 1913)
"California State Department of Mental Hygiene, 1960s," 48 pp. in Perspectives of Department Administration, California, 1953-1966. 1980. [Goodwin Knight-Edmund G. Brown, Sr., Era Project

Karl F. Meyer (1884-1974)
Medical Research and Public Health. 1976, 439 pp. [Epidemiologist; Director, Hooper Foundation, UCSF]

Dorothy B. Nyswander (1894-1998)
Professor and Activist for Public Health Education in the Americas and Asia. 1994, xv, 318 pp.

Langley Porter (1870-1965)
Physician, Teacher, and Guardian of the Public Health. 1960, 102 pp. [Physician; medical administrator, UCSF]

William C. Reeves (b. 1916)
Arbovirologist and Professor, UC Berkeley School of Public Health. 1993, 686 pp.

Ben and A. Jess Shenson
Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson: Over One Hundred Years of Service to San Francisco in Medicine, Music and the Arts, 1998, 322 pp.

Albert Shumate
San Francisco Physician, Historian, and Catholic Layman, 1981, 336 pp.

"State Mental Health Services, 1967-1971," 48 pp. in Services for Californians: Executive Department Issues in the Reagan Administration, 1967-1974. 1987. [Ronald Reagan Era Project]

Earl Warren and Health Insurance, 1943-1949. 1971, 232 pp.
Includes interviews with: Gordon Claycombe (b. 1909); John W. Cline, M.D. (1898-1974); Russel V. Lee, M.D., (1896-1982); Byrl R. Salsman (1906-1977).

Earl Warren and the State Department of Mental Hygiene. 1973, 232 pp.
Includes interviews with: Portia Bell Hume, M.D. (1901-1986); Frank F. Tallman, M.D. (b. 1902).

Earl Warren and the State Department of Public Health. 1973, 409 pp. Interviews with Merrill, Malcolm H., M.D., MPH; Stead, Frank M.; Ongerth, Henry; Zimmerman, Kent A., M.D.; Arnstein, Lawrence.

See also The Kaiser Permanente Oral History Series.

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