Medical Physics and Biophysics

James L. Born (1915-1981)
Physician and Administrator at Donner Laboratory, 2000

Anne Degruchy Low-Beer Dettner
A Woman's Place in Science and Public Affairs, 1932-1973. 1996, 260 pp.

Patricia Durbin-Heavey (b. 1927)
Radionuclide Research at Crocker Laboratory and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 2002

John Gofman (b. 1918)
John Gofman: Medical Research and Radiation Politics, 1985

Alexander Grendon (1899-1982)
Alexander Grendon: Research with Hardin Jones at Donner Laboratory, 1957-1978, 1985

Thomas L. Hayes (b. 1927)
Lipoprotein Research and Electron Microscopy at Donner Laboratory, 2002

John H. Lawrence (1904-1991)
Nuclear Medicine Pioneer and Director of Donner Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, 2000

Howard C. Mel (b. 1926)
Biophysics at Berkeley and Development of the Staflo Apparatus, 2002

William G. Myers (1908-1988)
William G. Myers: Early History of Nuclear Medicine, 1986

Alexander V. Nichols (b. 1924)
Professor of Biophysics and Lipids Researcher at Berkeley, 1950-1975, 2001

Kenneth G. Scott (1909-1983)
Radioisotope Research in Medicine, 1986

William E. Siri (b. 1919)
William E. Siri: Biophysical Research at Donner Laboratory, 1945-1975, 1987

Cornelius Tobias (1918-2000)
unedited manuscript and interview tapes with additional materials deposited in The Bancroft Library, 2001


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