Kurt E. Appert
Electrical Engineering and the Lenkurk Electric Company. 1982, 136 pp.

Harold H. Buttner
Research and Development in Radio and Electronics, 1915-1974. 1982, 124 pp.

Herbert B. Foster
The Role of the Engineer's Office in the Development of the University of California Campuses. 1960, 134 pp.

Ernest S. Kuh
Innovator In Circuit Theory And Computer Aided Design
Professor And Chair, Department Of Electrical Engineering And Computer Sciences
Dean, College Of Engineering, University Of California, Berkeley
Decades Of Service To Academia, Science, Industry, And Development In Asia
2006, 274 pp.

Otto C.C. Lin
Promoting Education, Innovation, and Chinese Culture in the Era of Globalization
Volume I: Oral History
. 2010, 667 pp.
Volume II: Appendix. 2010, 680 pp.

Otto C.C. Lin Video excerpts:
Developing a technology-based economy: the role of government
Entrepreneurship, from laboratory to market
Changing Taiwan, and the importance of patents in a technology-based economy
The significance of management styles
China-Taiwan relations and the legacy of ITRI
Cultivating synergy between university, institute, business and government

T. Y. Lin
"The Father of Prestressed Concrete": Teaching Engineers, Bridging Rivers and Borders, 1931 to 1999, 2001, 430 pp.

George Maslach
Aeronautical Engineer, Professor, Dean of the College of Engineering, Provost for Professional Schools and Colleges, Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs University of California at Berkeley 1949-1983, 2000. 614 pp.

Morrough P. O'Brien
Dean of the College of Engineering, Pioneer in Coastal Engineering, and Consultant to General Electric. 1989, 313 pp.

Karl S. Pister (b. 1925)
University of California, Berkeley, College of Engineering, Professor and Dean: UCSC Chancellor; Universitywide Chair of the Academic Council and Vice President - Educational Outreach, 1952-2003. 2003, 637 pp.

Chang-Lin Tien
Four Decades of Distinguished Service: UC Berkeley Chancellor, 1990-1997, Vice Chancellor for Research, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Renowned Expert in Microsale Thermophysical Engineering. 2004, 297 pp.

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