Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Era Series
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University of California at Berkeley: Single Interview Volumes

Lester Breslow
Vision and Reality in State Health Care: Medi-Cal and Other Public Programs, 1946-1975. 1985, 96 pp.

Robert Carleson
Stemming the Welfare Tide. 1986, 107 pp.

Glen S. Dumke
The Evolution of the California State University System, 1961-1982. 1986, 104 pp.

Earl B. Dunckel
Ronald Reagan and the General Electric Theatre, 1954-1955. 1982, 70 pp.

* Roberta Fenlon
President, California Medical Association, 1970-1971. 1984, 42 pp.

William Gianelli
The California State Department of Water Resources, 1967-1973. 1986, 86 pp.

* Verne E. Gleason
California's Social Welfare Program: An Administrator's Views, 1937-1970.
1988, 183 pp.

James M. Hall
Supporting Reagan: From Banks to Prisons. 1986, 157 pp.

* Gardiner Johnson
California State Assemblyman, 1935-1946; Member, Republican State Central Committee, 1934-1946, 1950-1982; Republican National Committeman, 1964-1970. 1983, 239 pp.

Norman B. Livermore, Jr.
Man in the Middle: High Sierra Packer, Timberman, Conservationist, and California Resources Secretary. 1983, 285 pp.

Donald G. Livingston
Program and Policy Development in Consumer Affairs and the Governor's Office. 1986, 90 pp.

Ed Reinecke
Maverick Congressman and Lieutenant Governor for California, 1965-1974. 1986, 100 pp.

Wilson C. Riles
"No Adversary Situations": Public School Education in California and Wilson C. Riles, Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1970-1982. 1984, 134 pp.

William French Smith
Evolution of the Kitchen Cabinet, 1965-1973. 1989, 59 pp.

Howard K. Way
Issues in Corrections: The Adult Authority, Determinate Sentencing, and Prison Crowding, 1962-1982. 1986, 68 pp.

Spencer M. Williams
The Human Relations Agency: Perspectives and Programs Concerning Health, Welfare, and Corrections, 1966-1970. 1986, 94 pp.

*Available for sale from California State Archives

UCB: Multiple Interview Volumes

Appointments, Cabinet Management, and Policy Research for Governor Ronald Reagan, 1967-1974. 1983, 261 pp.
Adams, Winfred. "Strategies for Republican Elections, State Government Management, and Water Resources, 1963-1976."
Haerle, Paul R. "Ronald Reagan and Republican Party Politics in California, 1965-1968."
Martin, Jerry C. "Information and Policy Research for Ronald Reagan, 1969-1975."

The Art of Corrections Management, California 1967-1974. 1984, 146 pp.
Breed, Allen F. "Theory and Practice in Juvenile Justice."
Procunier, Raymond K. "Administering Your Prisons."

The Assembly, the State Senate, and the Governor's Office, 1958-1974. 1982, 490 pp.
Bagley, William. "Some Complexities of Social Progress and Fiscal Reform."
Mills, James R. "A Philosophical Approach to Legislative and Election Realities, 1959-1981."
Monagan, Robert T. "Increasing Republican Influence in the State Assembly."
Rodda, Albert. "Sacramento Senator: State Leadership in Education and Finance."

California State Department of Finance and Governor Ronald Reagan. 1986, 125 pp.
Beach, Edwin W. "Some Technical and Political Aspects of State Budgeting."
Bell, Roy M. "Revenue Policies and Political Realities."
Dwight, James S. "Early Reagan Administration Perspectives on State Finance, 1966-1967."

Citizen Advocacy Organizations, 1960-1975. 1987, 210 pp.
Canson, Virna. "Waging the War on Poverty and Discrimination in California through the NAACP, 1953-1974."
Connolly, Margarete. "Speaking Out for Retarded Citizens."
Heine, Carolyn. "Building a Basis for Change: California's Commission on the Status of Women."
Miller, Anita. "`The Tide of the Times Was With Us': Women's Issues and the California Commission on the Status of Women."

Democratic Party Politics and Environmental Issues in California, 1962-1976. 1986, 101 pp.
Boas, Roger. "Democratic State Central Committee Chairman, 1968-1970."
Warren, Charles. "From the California Assembly to the Council on Environmental Quality, 1962-1979: The Evolution of an Environmentalist."

Governor Reagan and His Cabinet: An Introduction. 1986, 224 pp.
Luce, Gordon. "A Banker's View of State Administration and Republican Politics."
Orr, Verne. "Business Leadership in the Department of Motor Vehicles and State Finance."
Reagan, Ronald. "On Becoming Governor."

Governor Reagan's Cabinet and Agency Administration. 1986, 213 pp.
Brian, Earl W. "Health and Welfare Policy, 1970-1974: A Narrow Spectrum of Debate."
Stearns, James G. "Joining Reagan's Campaign in Sacramento: Conservation, Agriculture, and Employee Relations."
Thomas, Edwin W., Jr. "The Governor's Cabinet as Policy Forum."
Walton, Frank J. "Transportation Policies and the Politics of Conservation, 1964-1974."

The Governor's Office: Access and Outreach, 1967-1974. 1987, 132 pp.
Bradley, Melvin. "Facilitating Minority Input on State Policy, 1970-1974."
Habecker, Jackie. "A View from the Reception Desk."
Magyar, Roger. "Governor Reagan's Task Forces on Tax Reduction and Local Government."

The Governor's Office and Public Information, Education, and Planning, 1967-1974. 1984, 335 pp.
Beck, Paul. "From the Los Angeles Times to the Executive Press Office, 1967-1972."
Hannaford, Peter. "Expanding Political Horizons."
Sherriffs, Alex C. "Education Advisor to Ronald Reagan and State University Administrator, 1969-1982."
Tooker, John S. "Director of the Office of Planning and Research, and Legislative Assistant, 1967-1974."

Internal and External Operations of the California Governor's Office, 1966-1974. 1985, 235 pp.
Gillenwaters, Edgar. "Washington Office Troubleshooter and Advocate for Commerce in California, 1967-1973."
Jenkins, James. "Public Affairs, Welfare Concerns in Washington and Sacramento."
Procunier, Florence Randolph. "Working with Edwin Meese."
Walker, Robert. "Political Advising and Advocacy for Ronald Reagan, 1965-1980."
Walton, Rus. "Turning Political Ideas into Government Program."

Issues and Innovations in the 1966 Republican Gubernatorial Campaign. 1980, 209 pp.
Nofziger, Franklyn C. "Press Secretary for Ronald Reagan, 1966."
Parkinson, Gaylord B. "California Republican Party Official, 1962-1967."
Roberts, William E. "Professional Campaign Management and the Candidate, 1960-1966."
Spencer, Stuart K. "Developing a Campaign Management Organization."

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in California, 1966-1974. 1985, 350 pp.
Ellingwood, Herbert. "Law Enforcement Planning and Coordination, 1969-1974."
Gunterman, Joseph F. "Sacramento Advocate for the Friends Committee on Legislation of California."
Houghton, Robert A. "Law Enforcement Planning in the Reagan Administration, 1971-1974."
Marinissen, Jan. "`To Let the Legislature Know': Prison Advocacy and the American Friends Service Committee in California, 1960-1983."
Palumbo, Anthony L. "Law Enforcement, Emergency Planning, and the California National Guard, 1965-1974."

Legislative Issue Management and Advocacy, 1961-1974. 1983, 315 pp.
Cory, Ken. "Education Consultant and Assemblyman, 1961-1974."
Hall, Kenneth. "`Playing Devil's Advocate': The Governor's Office and the Department of Finance in California, 1966-1974."
Kehoe, John. "Issues of Criminal Justice and Black Politics in California, 1966-1974."
Miller, John. "Issues of Criminal Justice and Black Politics in California, 1966-1974."
Sturgeon, Vernon. "State Senator, Reagan Advisor, and PUC Commissioner, 1960-1974."

Organizational and Fiscal Views of the Reagan Administration. 1984, 183 pp.
King, Warren. "Governor Reagan's Use of Task Forces and Loaned Executives, 1966-1968."
Lucas, Harry. "New Approaches to Vocational Rehabilitation."
Post, A. Alan. "Public Aims and Expenditure: A Divergent View."
Volk, Robert, Jr. "Government Reform and the Maturity of the Political Process."

Poverty Programs and Other Conservative Policy Strategies, 1970-1984. 1986, 110 pp.
Chickering, A. Lawrence
Hawkins, Robert B., Jr.

Republican Campaigns and Party Issues, 1964-1976. 1986, 201 pp.
Cristina, Vernon J. "A Northern Californian Views Conservative Politics and Policies, 1963-1970."
McDowell, Jack S. "Press Work and Political Campaigns, 1966-1970."
Todd, A. Ruric. "Experience and Advice for the Reagan Administration, 1966-1968."
Watts, Skip (Norman). "Observations of a Youthful Political Pro."

Republican Philosophy and Party Activism. 1984, 206 pp.
Hume, Jaquelin. "Basic Economics and the Body Politic: Views of a Northern California Reagan Loyalist."
del Junco, Tirso. "California Republican Party Leadership and Success, 1966-1982."
Storrs, Eleanor Ring. "Parties, Politics, and Principles: `It's at the Local Level.'"
Wrather, Jack. "On Friendship, Politics, and Government."

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, 1964-1973. 1986, 98 pp.
Bodovitz, Joseph E. "Management and Policy Directions."
Lane, Melvin B. "The Role of the Chairman in Setting and Maintaining Goals."
Shute, E. Clement, Jr. "The Place of the Courts in the Solution of Controversial Policy Issues."

San Francisco Republicans.
1980, 200 pp.
Christopher, George. "Mayor of San Francisco and Republican Party Candidate."
Weinberger, Caspar. "California Assembly, Republican State Central Committee, and Elections, 1953-1966."

Services for Californians: Executive Department Issues in the Reagan Administration, 1967-1974. 1986, 240 pp.
Camilli, Richard L. "Health Care Reform and Staff Development, 1969-1974."
Carter, Louis. "Piloting Assistance to Small and Minority Businesses, 1969-1975."
Lowry, James V. "State Mental Health Services, 1967-1971."
Mott, William Penn, Jr. "Managing the California State Park System, 1967-1974."
Swoap, David. "The Continuing Story of Welfare Reform, 1965-1983."

California State University at Fullerton

Robert H. Finch
Views From the Lieutenant Governor's Office.
1983, 107 pp.

Donald Wright
A View of Reagan and the California Courts.
1984, 87 pp.

The "Kitchen Cabinet": Four California Citizen Advisors of Ronald Reagan. 1983, 157 pp.
Dart, Justin; Mills, Edward; Salvatori, Henry; Tuttle, Holmes

Legislative-Governor Relations in the Reagan Years: Five Views. 1983, 277 pp.
Beverly, Robert. "Reflections of a Republican Assemblyman."
Carpenter, Dennis E. "Republican State Committee Chair and Senator."
Cologne, Gordon. "Water Policy in the Reagan Years."
Moretti, Robert. "Recollections of an Assembly Speaker."
Zenovich, George. "Senate Democrat in the Reagan Government."

Claremont Graduate University

John A. Busterud
The California Constitution Revision Commission. 1982, 37 pp.

Houston I. Flournoy
California Assemblyman and Controller.
1982, 235 pp.

The History of Proposition #1: Precursor of California Tax Limitation Measures. 1982, 102 pp.
Stubblebine, William Craig. "The Development of Proposition #1."
Uhler, Lewis K. "Chairman of Task Force in Tax Reduction."

University of California at Davis

J. Earl. Coke
Reminiscences of People and Change in California Agriculture, 1900-1975. 1976, 265 pp.

University of California at Los Angeles

Anthony C. Beilenson
Securing Liberal Legislation During the Reagan Administration. 1982, 81 pp.

Yvonne Brathwaite Burke
New Arenas of Black Influence. 1982, 46 pp.

Jack Dales
Pragmatic Leadership: Ronald Reagan as President of the Screen Actors Guild. 1982, 49 pp.

Dick Darling
Republican Activism: The California Republican Assembly and Ronald Reagan.
1981, 56 pp.

George H. Dunne
Christian Advocacy and Labor Strife in Hollywood. 1981, 67 pp.

Stanley Plog
More than Just an Actor: The Early Campaigns of Ronald Reagan. 1981, 29 pp.

Neil Reagan
Private Dimensions and Public Images: The Early Political Campaigns of Ronald Reagan.
1981, 58 pp.

Evelle J. Younger
A Lifetime in Law Enforcement.
1982, 60 pp.

Philip E. Watson
Tax Reform and Professionalizing the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office.
1989, 443 pp.

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