Oral History Interviews of the Goodwin Knight - Edmund G. Brown, Sr., Gubernatorial Eras, 1953-1966
California government and politics from 1953 through 1966 are the focus of the Goodwin Knight-Edmund G.Brown, Sr., Oral History Series of the State Government History Project. Conducted by the the Regional Oral History Office (ROHO), of the University of California, Berkeley, the series of 84 interviews carries forward inquiry into significant issues, processes, and personalities in public administration, which was begun in 1969 with the documentation of the Earl Warren governorship. Topics discussed in the Knight-Brown Era interviews include: the rise and decline of the Democratic party, the impact of the California Water Plan, the upheaval of the Vietnam War escalation, capital punishment controversy, election law changes, environmental concerns, new political techniques forced by television and increased social activism, reorganization of the executive branch, growth of federal programs in California, and the rising awareness of minority groups.

Don Bradley
Managing Democratic Campaigns, 1954-1966
. 1982.

Edmund G., Sr. "Pat," Brown
Years of Growth, 1939-1966; Law Enforcement, Politics, and the Governor's Office. 1982.

Hale Champion
Communication and Problem Solving: A Journalist in State Government. 1981.

Pauline Davis
California Assemblywoman, 1952-1976, 1986, 157 pp.

Frederick G. Dutton
Democratic Campaigns and Controversies, 1954-1966
. 1981.

Preston Hotchkis, Sr.
ne Man's Dynamic Role in California Politics and Water Development, and World Affairs. 1980.

Roger Kent
Building the Democratic Party in California, 1954-1958
. 1981.

Virginia Knight (Mrs. Goodwin)
California's First Lady, 1954-1966. 1987.

Mary Ellen Leary
A Journalist's Perspective: Government and Politics in
California and the Bay Area. 1981.

Thomas Lynch
A Career in Politics and the Attorney General's Office
. 1982.

Roy E. Simpson
California Department of Education
, with an introduction by Wilson Riles, Sr. 1978.

Multi-Interview Volumes
Pat Brown: Friends and Campaigners. 1982.
Sloss, Nancy, "Political Appointments and Personalities".
Burch, Meredith, "Political Notes".
Guggenheim, Charles, "The Use of Film in Political Campaigning".
Carter, Judy Royer, "Pat Brown: The Governorship and After".
Elkington, Norman, "From Adversary to Appointee: Fifty Years of Friendship with Pat Brown".
Nelson, Helen, "The First Consumer Counsel in California".

Brown Family Portraits. 1982.
Brown, Bernice Layne, "Life in the Governor's Mansion".
Brown, Francis M., "Edmund G. Brown's Commitment to Lessen Social Ills: View from a Younger Brother".
Brown, Harold C., "A Lifelong Republican for Edmund G. Brown".
Carlson, Constance Brown, "My Brothers Edmund, Harold, and Frank".

California Constitutional Officers. 1980.
Button, A. Ronald, "California Republican Party Official and State Treasurer of California, 1956-1958".
Gibson, Phil, "Recollections of A Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court".
Mosk, Stanley, "Attorney General's Office and Political Campaigns, 1958- 1966".
Powers, Harold J., "On Prominent Issues, the Republican Party, and Political Campaigns: A Veteran Republican Views the Goodwin Knight Era".

Education Issues and Planning, 1953-1966. 1980.
Doyle, Donald, "An Assemblyman Views Education, Mental Health, and Legislative and Republican Politics".
McKay, Robert, "Robert McKay and the California Teacher's Association".
Sexton, Keith, "Legislating Higher Education: A Consultant's View of the Master Plan for Higher Education".
Sherriffs, Alex, "The University of California and the Free Speech Movement: Perspectives from a Faculty Member and Administrator".

The Governor's Office Under Edmund G. Brown, Sr. 1981.
Becker, William, "Working for Civil Rights: With Union, the Legislature, and Governor Pat Brown".
Christopher, Warren, "Special Counsel to the Governor: Recalling the Pat Brown Years".
Davis, May Layne Bonnell, "An Appointment Secretary Reminisces".
Kline, Richard, "Governor Brown's Faithful Advisor".
Mesplé, Frank, "From Clovis to the Capitol: Building a Career as a Legislative Liaison".
Poole, Cecil, "Executive Clemency and the Chessman Case".

The Governor's Office Under Goodwin Knight. 1980.
Barrett, Douglas, "Goodwin Knight's Governor's Office, 1953-1958, and the Youth Authority, 1958-1965".
Bright, Tom M., "The Governor's Office of Goodwin J. Knight, 1953-1958".
Groves, Sadie Perlin, "A Career as Private Secretary to Goodwin Knight, 1952- 1958".
Lemmon, Maryalice, "Working in the Governor's Office, 1950-1959".
Mason, Paul, "Covering the Legislature for Governor Goodwin J. Knight".

Goodwin Knight: Aides, Advisers, and Appointees. 1981.
Bell, Dorothy Hewes, "Reminiscences of Goodwin Knight".
Finks, Harry, "California Labor and Goodwin Knight, the 1950s".
Hill, John Lamar II, "First Minority Member of the State Board of Funeral Examiners".
Polland, Milton, "Political and Personal Friend of Earl Warren, Goodwin Knight, and Hubert Humphrey."

Issues and Innovations in the 1966 Republican Gubernatorial Campaign. 1980.
Nofziger, Franklyn, "Press Secretary for Ronald Reagan, 1966".
Parkinson, Gaylord, "California Republican Party Official, 1962-1967".
Roberts, William, "Professional Campaign Management and the Candidate, 1960- 1966".
Spencer, Stuart, "Developing a Campaign Management Organization".

California Legislative Leaders, Volume I, 1980.
Caldecott, Thomas W., "Perspectives on the Republican Party and Legislature: A Prominent Assemplyman Reviews the Goodwin Knight Era".
Fisher, Hugo, "State Senator from San Diego, 1958-1962".
Lanterman, Frank, "Crusades of a Republican Legislative Leader, 1951-1978: Water, Mental Health, Education, Ways and Means".
Richards, Richard, "South of the Tehachapis: A Southern California Senator Comments on the 1953-1966 Era".

California Legislative Leaders, Volume II. 1981.
Burns, Hugh, "Legislative and Political Concerns of the Senate Pro Tem, 1957-1970."
Lincoln, Luther, "Young Turk to Speaker of the California Assembly, 1948- 1958".
Rattigan, Joseph, "A Judicial Look at Civil Rights, Education, and Reapportionment in the State Senate, 1959-1966".
Sumner, Bruce, "California State Assemblyman and Chairman of the Constitution Revision Commission, 1964-1970".
Allen, Bruce F., "California Oil and Water, and the Politics of Reform, 1953- 1960".

One Man-One Vote and Senate Reapportionment, 1964-1966. 1980.
Teale, Stephen, "The Impact of One Man-One Vote on the Senate: Senator Teale Reviews Reapportionment and Other Issues, 1953-1966".
Allen, Don A., "A Los Angeles Assemblyman Recalls the Reapportionment Struggle".

Perspective On Department Administration, California 1953-1966. 1980.
Peirce, John, "California State Department of Finance, 1953-1958".
Levit, Bert W., "State Finance and Innovations in Government Organization, 1944-1959".
Tieburg, Albert B., "California State Department of Employment, 1945-1966".
Wedemeyer, John, "California State Department of Social Welfare, 1959-1966".
Lowry, James, "California State Department of Mental Hygiene, 1960s".

Political Advocacy and Loyalty. 1982.
Coffey, Bertram, "Reflections on George Miller, Jr., Governors Pat and Jerry Brown, and the Democratic Party".
Blease, Coleman, "A Lobbyist Views the Knight-Brown Era".
Yorty, Samuel, "Samuel Yorty: A Challenge to the Democrats".
Engle, Lucretia, "Clair Engle as Campaigner and Statesman".
Salinger, Pierre, "A Journalist as Democratic Campaigner and U.S. Senator".

Remembering William Knowland. 1981.
Jewett, Emelyn Knowland, "My Father's Political Philosophy and Colleagues".
Johnson, Estelle Knowland, "My Father as Senator, Campaigner, and Civic Leader".
Manolis, Paul, "A Friend and Aide Reminisces".

Reporting From Sacramento. 1981.
Behrens, Earl C., "Gubernatorial Campaigns and Party Issues: A Political Reporter's View, 1948-1966."
Bergholz, Richard, "Reporting on California Government and Politics, 1953- 1966".
Kossen, Sydney, "Covering Goodwin Knight and the Legislature for the San Francisco News, 1956-1958".

San Francisco Republicans. 1980.
Christopher, George, "Mayor of San Francisco and Republican Party Candidate".
Weinberger, Caspar W., "California Assembly, Republican State Central Committee, and Elections, 1953-1966."

California Water Issues, 1950-1966. 1981.
Brown, Edmund G., Sr., "The California Water Project: Personal Interest and Involvement in the Legislation, Public Support, and Construction, 1950-1966".
Goldberg, B. Abbott, "Water Policy Issues in the Courts, 1950-1966".
Brody, Ralph M., "Devising Legislation and Building Public Support for the California Water Projects, 1959-1960; Brief History of the Westlands Water District".
Warne, William E., "Administration of the Department of Water Resources, 1961-1966".
Bonderson, Paul R., "Executive Officer, Regional and State Water Pollution and Water Quality Control Boards, 1950-1966".

California Democrats' Golden Era: 1958-1966. 1987.
Copertini, Cyr Mullins, "Campaign Housekeeping, 1940-1965".
Huff, Martin, "From Grassroots Politics to the California Franchise Tax Board, 1952-1979".

Joseph L. Wyatt
CDC Officer: 1953-1965. 1974, 86 pp.

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