Sierra Club Oral History Series

ROHO: Single-Interview Volumes
Ansel Adams
Conversations with Ansel Adams. 1978, 768 pp. (On photography and conservation)

Phillip S. Berry
Sierra Club Leader, 1960s-1980s: A Broadened Agenda, A Bold Approach. 1988, 149 pp.
Sierra Club President, 1991-1992: The Club, the Legal Defense Fund, and Leadership Issues, 1984-1993. 1997, 126 pp.

David R. Brower
Environmental Activist, Publicist, and Prophet. 1980, 320 pp.
Reflections on The Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and Earth Island Institute. 2012, 250 pp.

William E. Colby
Reminiscences. 1954, 145 pp. (An interview with Sierra Club secretary and director, 1900-1946)

Doris Cellarius
Sierra Club Volunteer Leader: Grassroots Activist and Organizer on Hazardous Waste Issues, 141 pp.

Richard Cellarius
National Leader in the Sierra Club and The Sierra Club Foundation, 1970-2002, Sierra Club President, 1988-1990, 282 pp.

Michael L. Fischer
Sierra Club Executive Director, 1987-1992. 1997, 192 pp.

Richard M. Leonard
Mountaineer, Lawyer, Environmentalist, Volume 1. 1975, 482 pp.
Mountaineer, Lawyer, Environmentalist, Volume 2.

Norman B. Livermore, Jr.
Man in the Middle: High Sierra Packer, Timberman, Conservationist, and California Resources Secretary. 1983, 285 pp.

Michael McCloskey
Sierra Club Executive Director: The Evolving Club and the Environmental Movement. 1983, 279 pp.
Sierra Club Executive Director and Chairman, 1980s-1990s: A Perspective on Transitions in the Club and the Environmental Movement. 1999, 281 pp.

Susan D. Merrow
Sierra Club President and Council Chair: Effective Volunteer Leadership, 1980s-1990s. 1994, 89 pp.

Laurence [Larry] I. Moss
Sierra Club President, 1973-1974, Nuclear Engineer: Energy and Environmental Policy. 2014, 101 pp.

Carl Pope
Environmentalism and Progressive Politics: Sierra Club Executive Director, 1992-2010. 2014, 159 pp.

Doug Scott
Campaigner for America's Wilderness, Sierra Club Associate Director. 2013, 349 pp.

Denny Shaffer
Sierra Club Officer and Leader, 1970 to 1997: Focus on Membership, Finances, and Management. 2006, 246 pp.

William E. Siri
Reflections on the Sierra Club, the Environment, and Mountaineering, 1950s-1970s. 1979, 296 pp.

Wallace Stegner
The Artist as Environmental Advocate. 1983, 49 pp.

Gary Torre
Labor and Tax Attorney, 1949-1982; Sierra Club Foundation Trustee, 1968-1981, 1994-1998. 1999, 301 pp.

Edgar Wayburn
Sierra Club Statesman and Leader of the Parks and Wilderness Movement: Gaining Protection for Alaska, the Redwoods, and Golden Gate Parklands. 1985, 525 pp.
Global Activitist and Elder Statesman of the Sierra Club: Alaska, International Conservation, National Parks and Protected Areas, 1980-1992. 1996, 277 pp.

Peggy Wayburn
Author and Environmental Advocate. 1992, 193 pp.

John Zierold
Environmental Lobbyist in California's Capital, 1965-1984. 1988, 202 pp.

ROHO: Multi-Interview Volumes

Building the Sierra Club's National Lobbying Program, 1967-1981. 1985, 374 pp.
Evans, Brock. "Environmental Campaigner: From the Northwest Forests to the Halls of Congress."
Tupling, W. Lloyd. "Sierra Club Washington Representative."

Pacific Northwest Conservationists. 1986, 281 pp.
Dyer, Polly. "Preserving Washington Parklands and Wilderness."
Goldsworthy, Patrick D. "Protecting the North Cascades, 1954-1983."

Sierra Club Leaders I, 1950s-1970s. 1982, 433 pp.
Hildebrand, Alexander. "Sierra Club Leader and Critic: Perspective on Club Growth, Scope, and Tactics, 1950s-1970s."
Litton, Martin. "Sierra Club Director and Uncompromising Preservationist, 1950s-1970s."
Sherwin, Raymond J. "Conservationist, Judge, and Sierra Club President, 1960s-1970s."
Snyder, Theodore A., Jr. "Southeast Conservation Leader and Sierra Club President, 1960s-1970s."

Sierra Club Leaders II, 1960s-1970s. 1985, 296 pp.
Futrell, J. William. "'Love for the Land and Justice for Its People': Sierra Club National and Southern Leader, 1968-1982."
Sive, David. "Pioneering Environmental Lawyer, Atlantic Chapter Leader, 1961-1982."

Interviews conducted by volunteers for the Sierra Club History Committee.

Sierra Club: Single-Interview Volumes

Nathan Clark
Sierra Club Leader, Outdoorsman, and Engineer. 1977, 147 pp.

James Moorman
Attorney for the Environment, 1966-1981: Center for Law and Social Policy, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Department o fJustic Division of Lands and Natural Resources. 1994, 168 pp.

Gordon Robinson
Forestry Consultant to the Sierra Club. 1979, 277 pp.

Sierra Club: Multi-Interview Volumes

The Sierra Club Nationwide I. 1983, 257 pp.
Forsyth, Alfred. "The Sierra Club in New York and New Mexico."
McConnell, Grant. "Conservation and Politics in the North Cascades."
Ogilvy, Stewart M. "Sierra Club Expansion and Evolution: The Atlantic
Chapter, 1957-1969."
Van Tyne, Anne. "Sierra Club Stalwart: Conservationist, Hiker, Chapter and Council Leader."

The Sierra Club Nationwide II. 1984, 253 pp.
Amodio, John. "Lobbyist for Redwood National Park Expansion."
Jones, Kathleen Goddard. "Defender of California's Nipomo Dunes, Steadfast Sierra Club Volunteer."
Leopold, A. Starker. "Wildlife Biologist."
Miller, Susan , "Staff Support for Sierra Club Growth and Organization, 1964-1977."
Turner, Tom. "A Perspective on David Brower and the Sierra Club, 1968-1969."

The Sierra Club Nationwide III. 1989, 310 pp.
Alderson, George. "Environmental Campaigner in Washington, D.C., 1960s-1970s."
Duveneck, Frank. "Loma Prieta Chapter Founder, Protector of Environmental and Human Rights."
Steele, Dwight. "Controversies over the San Francisco Bay and Waterfront, 1960s-1970s."
Walker, Diane. "The Sierra Club in New Jersey: Focus on Toxic Waste Management."

The Sierra Club Nationwide IV. 1996, 207 pp.
Avery, Abigail. "Nurturing the Earth: North Cascades, Alaska, New England, and Issues of War and Peace."
Ives, Robin and Lori. "Conservation, Mountaineering, and Angeles Chapter Leadership, 1958-1984."
Reid, Leslie. "Angeles Chapter and National Sierra Club Leader, 1960s-1990: Focus on Labor and the Environment."
Reid, Sally. "Serving the Angeles Chapter and the National Sierra Club, 1960s-1990s: Focus on Wilderness Issues in California and Alaska."

Sierra Club Reminiscences I, 1900s-1960s
. 1974, 212 pp.
Farquhar, Francis. "Sierra Club Mountaineer and Editor."
Hildebrand, Joel. "Sierra Club Leader and Ski Mountaineer."
Robinson, Bestor. "Thoughts on Conservation and the Sierra Club."
Rother, James E. "The Sierra Club in the Early 1900s."

Sierra Club Reminiscences II, 1900s-1960s. 1975, 177 pp.
Bernays, Philip S. "Founding the Southern California Chapter."
Bradley, Harold C. "Furthering the Sierra Club Tradition."
Crowe, Harold E. "Sierra Club Physician, Baron, and President."
Dawson, Glen. "Pioneer Rock Climber and Ski Mountaineer."
Hackett, C. Nelson. "Lasting Impressions of the Early Sierra Club."

Sierra Club Reminiscences III, 1920s-1970s. 1984, 264 pp.
Clark, Lewis. "Perdurable and Peripatetic Sierran: Club Officer and Outings Leader, 1928-1984."
Eichorn, Jules. "Mountaineering and Music: Ansel Adams, Norman Clyde, and Pioneering Sierra Club Climbing."
Eloesser, Nina. "Tales of High Trips in the Twenties."
Kimball, H. Stewart. "New Routes For Sierra Club Outings, 1930s-1970s."
LeConte, Joseph. "Recalling LeConte Family Pack Trips and the Early Sierra Club, 1912-1926."

The Sierra Club and the Urban Environment I: San Francisco Bay Chapter Inner City Outings and Sierra Club Outreach to Women. 1980, 186 pp.
Burke, Helen. "Women's Issues in the Environmental Movement."
Colgan, Patrick. "`Just One of the Kids Myself.'"
Hall, Jordan. "Trial and Error: The Early Years."
LaBoyteaux, Duff. "Towards a National Sierra Club Program."
Sarnat, Marlene. "Laying the Foundations for ICO."
Zuni, George. "From the Inner City Out."

The Sierra Club and the Urban Environment II: Labor and the Environment in the San Francisco Bay Area. 1983, 167 pp.
Jenkins, David. "Environmental Controversies and the Labor Movement in the Bay Area."
Meyer, Amy. "Preserving Bay Area Parklands."
Ramos, Anthony L. "A Labor Leader Concerned with the Environment."
Steele, Dwight C. "Environmentalist and Labor Ally."

Sierra Club Women I and II. 1976-1977, 223 pp.
Bade, Elizabeth Marston. "Recollections of William F. Bade and the Early Sierra Club."
Evans, Nora. "Sixty Years with the Sierra Club."
Praeger, Ruth E. "Remembering the High Trips."
Farquhar, Marjory Bridge. "Pioneer Woman Rock Climber and Sierra Club Director."
LeConte, Helen. "Reminiscences of LeConte Family Outings, the Sierra Club, and Ansel Adams."

Sierra Club Women III. 1983, 173 pp.
Christy, Cicely M. "Contributions to the Sierra Club and the San Francisco Bay Chapter, 1938-1970s."
Goody, Wanda B. "A Hiker's View of the Early Sierra Club."
Horsfall, Ethel Rose Taylor. "On the Trail with the Sierra Club, 1920s-1960s."
Parsons, Harriet T. "A Half-Century of Sierra Club Involvement."

Southern Sierrans I. 1976, 178 pp.
Chelew, J. Gordon. "Reflections of an Angeles Chapter Member, 1921-1975."
Jones, E. Stanley. "Sierra Club Officer and Angeles Chapter Leader, 1931-1975."
Jones, Marion. "Reminiscences of the Southern California Sierra Club, 1927-1975."
Pepper, Dorothy. "High Trip High Jinks."
Searle, Richard. "Grassroots Sierra Club Leader."

Southern Sierrans II
. 1977, 207 pp.
Amneus, Thomas. "New Directions for the Angeles Chapter."
Charnock, Irene. "Portrait of a Sierra Club Volunteer."
Johnson, Olivia R. "High Trip Reminiscences, 1904-1945."
Marshall, Robert R. "Angeles Chapter Leader and Wilderness Spokesman, 1960s."

Southern Sierrans III. 1980, 250 pp.
Bear, Robert. "Desert Conservation and Exploration with the Sierra Club."
Johnson, Arthur B. "Climbing and Conservation in the Sierra."
Poland, Roscoe and Wilma. "Desert Conservation: Voices from the Sierra Club's San Diego Chapter."
Mendenhall, John and Ruth. "Forty Years of Sierra Club Mountaineering Leadership, 1938-1978."

Volunteer Leadership in the National Sierra Club, 1970s-1980s. 1995, 181 pp.
Fontaine, Joe. "Conservation Activitist, Consensus Builder, and Sierra Club President, 1980-1982."
Gill, Kent. "Making the Political Process Work: Chapter Activitist, Council Chair, and Club and Foundation President."

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