Interviews on Parks and the Environment

Ansel Adams
Conversations with Ansel Adams. (On photography and conservation) 1978, 768 pp.

Horace M. Albright, (1890-1987) and Newton B. Drury (1889-1978).
Comments on Conservation, 1900-1960. 1962, 53 pp.

The Baumberg Tract: from the Proposed Shorelands Development to the Wetlands Restoration (Eden Landing Ecological Reserve), 1982-1999. 2000, 532 pp. Interviews with: Howard L. Cogswell, John M. Thorpe, Robert C. Douglass, Steve Foreman, Karen G. Weissman, Peter C. Sorensen, Carl G. Wilcox, Roberta G. Cooper, Janice Delfino.

David R. Brower (1912-2000)
Environmental Activist, Publicist, and Prophet. 1980, 320 pp.
Reflections on The Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and Earth Island Institute. 2012, 250 pp.

Harold C. Bryant (1886-1968) and Newton B. Drury (1889-1978).
Development of the Naturalist Program in the National Park Service. 1964, 49 pp.

Lewis H. Butler
A Life of Public Service: Ploughshares Fund, California Tomorrow, Health Policy, HEW, the Environment, the Peace Corps. 2010, 500 pp.

Lewis H. Butler Video excerpts:
On the value of the Peace Corps
On Owen Chamberlain and the genesis of the Ploughshares Fund
On organizing the Pete McCloskey campaign for Congress in 1967 against Shirley Temple Black
On the establishment of an agricultural preserve in Napa Valley, 1968
Experiences in the Nixon administration during the Vietnam War
On determining the mission of California Tomorrow
California Tomorrow: Learning to work as a multiracial, multiethnic organization

California Women in Botany . Interviews with Annetta Carter, Mary DeDecker, and Elizabeth McClintock. 1987, 177 pp.

Ralph Works Chaney (1890-1971)
Ralph Works Chaney, Ph.D., Paleobotanist, Conservationist. 1960, 277 pp.

Henry Clark and Ahmadia Thomas
Fighting Toxic Emissions in Richmond, CA 1984-2000. 2003, 158 pp.

George L. Collins (b. 1903)
The Art and Politics of Park Planning and Preservation, 1920-1979. 1980, 358 pp.

Newton B. Drury (1889-1978)
Parks and Redwoods, 1919-1971, Volume 1. 1972, 796 pp.
Parks and Redwoods, 1919-1971, Volume 2. 1972, 922 pp.

Newton B. Drury (1889-1978) and Herbert Evison.
The National Park Service and Civilian Conservation Corps. 1963, 143 pp.

Newton B. Drury (1889-1978) and Enoch Percy French (1882-1970).
Cruising and Protecting the Redwoods of Humboldt. 1963, 86 pp.

Newton B. Drury (1889-1978) and Joseph Russell Knowland (1873-1966) (1873-1966).
Conservation and Politics. 1965, 120 pp.

Bertram K. Dunshee (1891-1986).
Land Planning in Marin County.
1965, 53 pp.

Francis P. Farquhar (1886-1974).
Francis P. Farquhar on Accountancy, Mountaineering, and the National Parks.
Includes interviews with Ansel F. Hall, Yosemite National Park ranger; and Edward deWitt Taylor, San Francisco fine printer; conducted by Mr. Farquhar. 1963, 376 pp.

Marjorie Bridge Farquhar [Donated]
Pioneer Sierra Climber, Conservationist and Photographer. 1994, 240 pp.

Thomas J. Graff
California Regional Director of the Environmental Defense Fund, 1971-2009: Applying Economics to Environmental Policymaking, Reforming California Water Policy, 2011. 396 pp.

George B. Hartzog (b. 1920).
The National Parks, 1965. 1973, 92 pp.

Joel Hedgpeth (b. 1911)
Marine Biologist and Environmentalist: Pycnogonids, Progress, and Preserving Bays, Salmon, and Other Living Things. 1996, 319 pp.

Bruce Howard
Board Member, President, Councillor of Save-The-Redwoods League, 1963-2003, 2006. 173 pp.

Janice Rivers Kittredge
Volunteer and Employment Careers: University of California, Berkeley: Save the SF bay Association, 1964-1998.
2000, 258 pp.

Bill Lane
Sunset Publisher, Environmentalist, Ambassador, 2007, 292 pp.

Pamela Tau Lee
Community and Union Organizing, and Environmental Justice in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1967-2000.
2003, 150 pp.

Luna Leopold (b. 1915)
Hydrology, Geomorphology, and Environmental Policy: U.S. Geological Survey, 1950-1972, and UC Berkeley, 1972-1987.
1993, 309 pp.

Norman B. Livermore. Jr. (b.1911).
Man in the Middle: High Sierra Packer, Timberman, Conservationist, and California Resources Secretary. 1983, 285 pp.

Sylvia McLaughlin
Citizen Activist for the Environment: Saving San Francisco Bay, Promoting Shoreline Parks and Natural Values in Urban and Campus Planning. 2009, 329 pp.

Loye H. Miller (1874-1970).
The Interpretive Naturalist. 1970, 61 pp.

William Penn Mott (1910-1992). "Managing the California State Park System, 1967-1974" 49 pp. in Services for Californians: Executive Department Issues in the Reagan Administration, 1967-1974.

Muiriana. Recollections of John Muir. Interviews with John Briones, William Colby, Dr. Herbert Evans, and Frank Swett. 1971, 106 pp.

DeWitt Nelson (b. 1901).
Management of Natural Resources in California, 1925-1966.
1976, 326 pp.

William Newsom
Politics, Law, and Human Rights. 2010, 254 pp.

Margaret Wentworth Owings (b. 1913).
Artist, and Wildlife and Environmental Defender.
1991, 338 pp.

Pacific Northwest Conservationists. 1986, 281 pp. Polly Dyer. "Preserving Washington Parklands and Wilderness." Patrick D. Goldsworthy, "Protecting the North Cascades, 1954-1983."

David Pesonen (b. 1934). Attorney and Activist for the Environment, 1962-1992: Opposing Nuclear Power at Bodega Bay and Point Arena, Managing California Forests and East Bay Regional Parks. 1996, 339 pp.

Edwin Philip Pister
Preserving Native Fishes and Their Ecosystems: A Pilgrim's Progress, 1950s-Present, 2009, 510 pp.
Video Excerpts

Martin J. Rosen (b. 1931)
The Trust for Public Land Founding Member and President, 1972-1997, the Ethics and Practice of Land Conservation, 2000, 395 pp.

Save San Francisco Bay Association, 1961-1986. Interviews with San Francisco attorney Barry Bunshoft and SSFBA founders Esther Gulick, Catherine Kerr, and Sylvia McLaughlin.1987, 220 pp.

Saving the Point Reyes Seashore, 1969-1970: An Oral History of Citizen Action in Conservation. Interviews with five citizen activists: Katy Miller Johnson, Peter Behr, Margaret Azevedo, William Kahrl, Boyd Stewart ; a congressional supporter, Paul N. "Pete" McCloskey ; and a presidential assistant in the Nixon administration, John D. Ehrlichman. 1993, 390 pp.

Doug Scott
Campaigner for America's Wilderness, Sierra Club Associate Director. 2013, 349 pp.

Ted Smith (b. 1945)
Pioneer Activist for Environmental Justice in Silicon Valley. 2003, 146 pp.

Wallace Stegner
The Artist as Environmental Advocate. 1983, 49 pp.

Richard C. Trudeau (1920-2004).
From Skyline to Seashore: 22 years of leadership Land Acquisition & Lobbying at the East Bay Regional Park District, 1964-1986. 2003

Edgar Wayburn
Sierra Club Statesman and Leader of the Parks and Wilderness Movement: Gaining Protection for Alaska, the Redwoods, and Golden Gate Parklands. 1985, 525 pp.
Global Activitist and Elder Statesman of the Sierra Club: Alaska, International Conservation, National Parks and Protected Areas, 1980-1992. 1996, 277 pp.

Peggy Wayburn
Author and Environmental Advocate. 1992, 193 pp.

Richard A. Wilson
Rancher, Conservationist, Director of the Department of Forestry: Toward a Working Landscape for California from Round Valley to the Redwood Forest. 2012, 381 pp.
View video excerpts of Wilson's 2004 interview.
View complete February 6, 2004 video interview: Richard A. Wilson: Rancher, Conservationist, Director of The Department of Forestry.

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