Land-Use Planning

Richard Bender
Reflections: An Architect's Journey: Living, Teaching, and Practice in a World Without Walls. 2012, 452 pp.

Bertram Dunshee (1891-1986)
Land Planning in Marin County. 1965, 53 pp.

Walter Clay Lowdermilk (1888-1974)
Soil, Forest, and Water Conservation and Reclamation in China, Israel, Africa, and the United States, 1969, 704 pp. Two volumes.

Walter Simon Newman
An Oral History with Walter Simon Newman. 2010, 228 pp.
Video Excerpt: The Allied Invasion of Normandy: A Life-Changing Experience

Walter E. Packard (1884-1966)
Land and Power Development in California, Greece, and Latin America, Volume 1, 1970, 603 pp.
Land and Power Development in California, Greece, and Latin America, Volume 2

Margaret Barbree Rosenberg (1907-1992)
San Bernadino Rancho and the Southern Salinas Valley, 1871-1981. 1981, 102 pp.

Paul Schuster Taylor
Volume I: Education, Field Research, and Family, 1973, 342 pp.
Volume II and Volume III: California Water and Agricultural  Labor, 1975, 519 pp.

John S. Tooker (b. 1934)
"Director of the Office of Planning and Research, and Legislative Assistant, 1967-1974," in The Governor's Office and Public Information, Education, and Planning, 1967-1974, 1984, 80 pp. (Ronald Reagan Era Project)

Ray Watson
Planning and Developing the New Town of Irvine, California, 1960-2003; Irvine Company President, 1973-1977; Walt Disney Company Chairman, 1983-1984, 482 pp.

Multi-Interview Volumes

The Baumberg Tract: from the Proposed Shorelands Development to the Wetlands Restoration (Eden Landing Ecological Reserve), 1982-1999. 2000, 532 pp. Interviews with: Howard L. Cogswell, John M. Thorpe, Robert C. Douglass, Steve Foreman, Karen G. Weissman, Peter C. Sorensen, Carl G. Wilcox, Roberta G. Cooper, Janice Delfino.

Patterson Family and Ranch: Southern Alameda County in Transition
Volume I: Agriculture and Farm Life on Fremont's Northern Plain , 1890s-1980s, 1988, 261 pp.
Interviews with: Frank Borghi, Elvamae Rose Borghi, Ruel Brown, Donald Furtado, Tillie Logan Goold, Wallace McKeown, Gene Williams, Mel Alameda.

Volume II: Water, Development, and Preservation in Southern Alameda County, 1988,  331 pp.
Interviews with : Mathew P. Whitfield, Wallace R. Pond, John Brooks, Robert B. Fisher, Laurence W. Milnes, William D. Patterson.

Volume III: The Patterson Ranch, Past and Future: The Family's Perspective, 1988, 404 pp.
Interviews with: Donald Patterson, William Volmer, Jeannette Korstad, Marilyn Price, Sally Patterson Adams, John E. Adams, David G. Patterson, Robert Buck, Leon G. Campbell, Wilcox Patterson, George Patterson, Bruce Patterson, Abigail Adams Campbell.

San Francisco's Arguello Park Community Builds a Neighborhood Park, 1995, 235 pp. [Unbound edited transcripts available for research only at The Bancroft Library.]
Interviews with: Muriel Leff, community activist; Vera Haile, secretary of Youth for Service; Orville Luster, director of Youth for Service; and Bill Chin, Hezakiah Singleton, and Percy Pinkney, staff of Youth for Service.

Save San Francisco Bay Association, 1961-1986. Interviews with San Francisco attorney Barry Bunshoft and SSFBA founders Esther Gulick, Catherine Kerr, and Sylvia McLaughlin. 1987, 220 pp.

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, 1964-1973. 1986, 98 pp. (Reagan Era Project)
Interviews with: Joseph E. Bodovitz, first executive director Melvin Lane, first chairman E. Clement Shute, Jr., first legal counsel representing the attorney general.

Statewide and Regional Land-Use Planning in California, 1950-1980, 1983.
Volume I: State and Regional Planning Initiatives, 1950-1975, 1983, 504 pp.
Interviews with Francis Lindsay, Samuel Wood, Richard Carpenter, William R. MacDougall, Alfred E. Heller

Volume II: Berkeley's Academic Community Surveys State and Regional Planning Proposals and Programs, 1940-1980, 1983, 420 pp.
Interviews with: T.J. Kent, Jr., Victor Jones, Stanley Scott.

Volume III: Four Perspectives on State, Regional, and Local Mandates for Land-Use Planning, 1960-1982, 1983, 349 pp.
Interviews with: John T. Knox, Bill Press, Paul H. Sedway, Ilene Weinreb.

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