Interviews on California Water Resources

Frank Adams (1875-1967), Irrigation engineer, economist
Irrigation, Reclamation and Water Administration. 1959, 491 pp.

Harvey Banks (1910-1996), Director, Dept. Water Resources
California Water Project, 1955-1961. 1967, 82 pp.

Daniel P. Beard (b. 1943), Staff Director, House Committee on Nat. Resources
The Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992: The Role of George Miller , 1996, iii, 67 pp.

Carl Boronkay (b. 1929), General Manager, Metropolitan Water District and
Timothy Quinn (b. 1951), Deputy General Manager
The Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992: The Metropolitan Water District Perspective. 1999, 152 pp.

Pauline Davis (1907-1995)
California Assemblywoman, 1952-1976, 1986, 157 pp.

Stephen W. Downey (1876-1958), Attorney
California Water and Power Attorney. 1957, 316 pp.

William Durbrow (1886-1958), Manager, irrigation district
Irrigation District Leader. 1958, 213 pp.

William R. Gianelli (b. 1919), Director, Dept. Water Resources
The California State Department of Water Resources, 1967-1973. 1986, 86 pp.

Richard Golb (b. 1962), Senator Seymour staff
The Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992: The Role of John Seymour. 1997, ix, 136 pp.

Thomas J. Graff
California Regional Director of the Environmental Defense Fund, 1971-2009: Applying Economics to Environmental Policymaking, Reforming California Water Policy, 2011. 396 pp.

Thomas J. Graff (b. 1944), Environmental Defense Fund attorney and
David Yardas (b. 1956), Water resources analyst
Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act 1991-1992, 1996, 133 pp.

Sidney T. Harding (1883-1969), Professor of Irrigation, UC Berkeley
A Life in Western Water Development, Volume 1, Volume 2. 1967, 524 pp.

Joel Hedgpeth (b. 1911), Marine biologist
Marine Biologist and Environmentalist: Pycnogonids, Progress, and Preserving Bays, Salmon, and other Living Things. 1996, 319 pp.

Herbert Jones (1880-1970), California State Senator
California Government and Public Issues. 1958, 318 pp.

Janice Rivers Kittredge
Volunteer and Employment Careers: University of California, Berkeley: Save the SF bay Association, 1964-1998.
2000, 258 pp.

Charles F. Lambert (1887-1959), Land promoter, irrigation district official
Sacramento Valley Irrigation and Land. 1957, 376 pp.

Sam R. Leedom (1896-1971), Newspaperman, water project administrator
California Water Development, 1930-1955. 1967, 83 pp.

Arthur Littleworth
Water Law Attorney and Riverside Civic Leader, 249 pp.
Interviewers: Germaine LaBerge and Ruth Langridge

Luna B. Leopold (b. 1915), Hydrologist, educator
Hydrology, Geomorphology, and Environmental Policy: U.S. Geological Survey, 1950-1972 and UC Berkeley, 1972-1987. 1993, 309 pp.

J. Rupert Mason (1886-1959), Municipal bond broker
J. Rupert Mason on Single Tax, Irrigation Districts, and Municipal Bankruptcy. 1985, 372 pp.

Robert Maddow
(b. 1943), EBMUD Attorney
Water Supply, Water Rights and Other Legal Issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1972-1993. 2003, 304 pp.

Sylvia McLaughlin
Citizen Activist for the Environment: Saving San Francisco Bay, Promoting Shoreline Parks and Natural Values in Urban and Campus Planning. 2009, 329 pp.

Walter R. McLean (b. 1903), Water resources engineer
From Pardee to Buckhorn: Water Resources Engineering and Water Policy in the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1927-1991. 1993, 330 pp.

Barry Nelson (b. 1959), Save the Bay director
The Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992: Executive Director, Save San Francisco Bay Association. 1994, 88 pp.

George Wilmarth Nickel, Jr.
Following the Cattle King: A Lifetime of Agriculture, Water Management, and Water Conservation in California's Central Valley. 2002, 270 pp.

Jason Peltier (b. 1955), Manager, Central Valley project Water Association
The Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992: Manager, Central Valley Project Water Association. 1994, 84 pp.

Edwin Philip Pister
Preserving Native Fishes and Their Ecosystems: A Pilgrim's Progress, 1950s-Present, 2009, 510 pp.
Video Excerpts

Harold Raines (b. 1901), EBMUD Attorney
Water Rights on the Mokelumne River and Legal Issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1927-1966 , 1997, viii, 108 pp.

John B. Reilley (b. 1916), EBMUD Attorney
Water Rights and Legal Issues at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1951-1983 , 1997, viii, 130 pp.

Ronald Robie (b. 1937), Director, Department Water Resources
The California State Department of Water Resources, 1975-1983. 1989, 97 pp.

Stuart Somach (b. 1948), Attorney
The Passage of the Central Valley Improvement Act, 1991-1992: The Central Valley Project Water Association Perspective. 1999, 99 pp.

Paul Schuster Taylor
Volume I: Education, Field Research, and Family, 1973, 342 pp.
Volume II and Volume III: California Water and Agricultural  Labor, 1975, 519 pp.

Robert L. Wiegel
Coastal Engineering: Research, Consulting, and Teaching, 1946-1997.  1997, 327 pp.

Richard A. Wilson
Rancher, Conservationist, Director of the Department of Forestry: Toward a Working Landscape for California from Round Valley to the Redwood Forest. 2012, 381 pp.
View video excerpts of Wilson's 2004 interview.
View complete February 6, 2004 video interview: Richard A. Wilson: Rancher, Conservationist, Director of The Department of Forestry.

Ernest Winther
Observations of San Francisco Bay for 1900-1971. 1972, 344 pp

Multiple Interview Volumes

The Baumberg Tract: from the Proposed Shorelands Development to the Wetlands Restoration (Eden Landing Ecological Reserve), 1982-1999. 2000, 532 pp. Interviews with: Howard L. Cogswell, John M. Thorpe, Robert C. Douglass, Steve Foreman, Karen G. Weissman, Peter C. Sorensen, Carl G. Wilcox, Roberta G. Cooper, Janice Delfino.

California Water Issues, 1950-1966. 1981, 458 pp.
(Goodwin Knight/Edmund G. Brown, Sr. Project) Interviews with:

- Edmund G. Brown, Sr. Attorney general, Governor of California. "The California Water Project: Personal Interest and Involvement in the Legislation, Public Support, and Construction, 1950-1966."
- B. Abbott Goldberg, Dep. Attorney General, Dep. Director, Dept. Water Resources. "Water Policy Issues in the Courts, 1950-1966."
- Ralph M. Brody, Attorney, manager of Westlands Water District. "Devising Legislation and Building Public Support for the California Water Project, 1950-1960; Brief History of the Westlands Water District."
- William E. Warne, Director, Dept. of Water Resources. "Administration of the Department of Water Resources, 1961-1966"
- Paul R. Bonderson, "Executive Officer, Regional and State Water Pollution and Water Quality Control Boards, 1950-1966."
Save San Francisco Bay Association, 1961-1986. 1987, 220 pp.
Interviews with: Barry Bunshoft, Esther Gulick, Catherine Kerr, Sylvia McLaughlin.

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, 1964-1973
. 1986, 98 pp. (Reagan Era Project)
Interviews with: Joseph E. Bodovitz, first executive director Melvin Lane, first chairman E. Clement Shute, Jr., first legal counsel representing the attorney general.

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