Selected Oral Histories on the California Supreme Court

Peter Belton (b. 1933)
A Senior Staff Attorney Reflects on Four Decades with the California Supreme Court (1960-2001) and a Lifetime with Disability. 2003, 371 pp.

Allen Broussard (1929-1996)
A California Supreme Court Justice Looks at Law and Society, 1969-1996. 1997, 266 pp.

Jesse Washington Carter
California Supreme Court Justice Jesse W. Carter. 1959, 546 pp.

Phil S. Gibson (1889-1984)
"Recollections of a Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court," in California Constitutional Officers. 1980, (Goodwin Knight - Edmund G. Brown, Sr. Project)

Joseph R. Grodin (b. 1930)
Professor of Law and California Supreme Court Justice Joseph R. Grodin. 2006, 122 pp.

Stanley Mosk (1912-2001)
California Supreme Court Associate Justice. 2000, 99 pp. $24 [Available through the California State Archives]

Frank Newman (1917-1996)
Professor of Law, University of California, 1946-present; Justice, California Supreme Court, 1977-1983. 1994, viii, 336 pp. $33 [Available through the California State Archives]

Cruz Reynoso
Justice Cruz Reynoso: California Supreme Court Justice, Professor of Law, Vice-Chair United States Commission on Human Rights, and 2000 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient, 2015. 240 pp.

Donald R. Wright (1907-1985)
A View of Reagan and the California Courts. 1984, 87 pp. (Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Era Project)

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