Subject Areas of Oral Histories
The subject area pages below contain online links to transcripts of nearly all of ROHO's completed interviews. For audio/video excerpts of interviews, please visit our YouTube channel or selected Featured Projects. To further search the ROHO collection, you may wish to search the library catalogs or browse our Catalogue I (1954-1979) and Catalogue II (1980-1998).

Arts and Literature

Artists with Disabilities
Architecture and Landscape Architects
Art, Sculpture, and Photography
Arts in California
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Books and Fine Printing
Community-Based Artists
California Afghan Artists
Fiber Arts

Music and Dance
Production and Presentation
Poetry and Literature
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Business History
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Oral History Project
Global Mining and Materials Research Project
Venture Capitalists
Western Mining in the Twentieth Century

Community History

AC Transit
California-Russian Emigre Series

Girls’ Club, San Francisco
Hungarians under Communism and Capitalism
Italian-Americans From Northern California
Individual Community Oral Histories
Japanese American Confinement Sites Oral History Project
Jewish Community Leaders of the San Francisco Bay Area
Oakland Army Base
Portuguese in California
Richmond Community History Project
Rosie the Riveter World War II American Homefront Project

Food and Wine

America's Wine: The Legacy of Prohibition
California Wine Industry
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Oral History Project
Food and Food Ways
West Coast Cocktails: An Oral History
Law and Jurisprudence Natural Resources, Land Use, and The Environment
Bay Bridge Oral History Project
Forestry and Soil Science
Global Mining and Materials Research Project
Horticulture, Botany, and Landscape Design
Land Use Planning
Parks and the Environment
Sanitary Engineering History
Seismic Safety
Sierra Club History
United States Forest Service Region 5 Oral History Project
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
Water Resources in California

Politics and Government
California State Archives Oral History Program
California Women Political Leaders
Earl Warren Era in California, 1925-1953
Goodwin Knight and Edmund G. Brown Eras in California, 1953-1966
Human Rights/Relations Commission
Individual Politics and Government Oral Histories
Ronald Reagan Era in California, 1966-1974
Slaying the Dragon of Debt: Fiscal Politics and Policy from the 1970s to the Present
Science, Medicine, and Technology

AIDS Epidemic in San Francisco
Bioscience and Biotechnology
Chemistry and Physics
Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. Oral History Retrospective
Kaiser Permanente Oral History Project
Medical Physics and Biophysics
Medicine and Public Health
Stem Cell Research

Social Movements

Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement
Free Speech Movement
Labor Movement
Organizations and Issues of the Blind, 1880s-1950s
Social Welfare History
Self-Advocacy Movement
Volunteer Leadership

University of California History

African American Faculty and Senior Staff


Black Alumni
China Scholars
Class of 1931 Annual Oral History Interview on University History
Department of History, UC Berkeley
Faculty, Administrators, and Regents
Free Speech Movement
Library School
Office of the President
Six Weeks in Spring: Managing Protest at a Public University
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

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