Richmond Community History Project
"On the Waterfront: An Oral History of Richmond, California," is a collection of 18 oral history volumes based on interviews with 20 Bay Area residents. They include members of early Richmond families, black and white, World War II Kaiser Shipyard workers recruited from the South and Midwest, cannery workers, fishermen, and whalers. Interviews with longtime Richmond residents and new arrivals during the wartime boom document the transformation of this small working-class town during World War II. For related oral histories, please see Rosie the Riveter World War II American Homefront Oral History Project.

Vera Jones Bailey (1905-1991)
Migration of a Working Family: From the San Joaquin Valley to the Richmond Shipyards, 1942, 1990, 78 pp.

Margaret Louise Cathey (b. 1919) *
A Wartime Journey: From Ottumwa, Iowa to the Richmond Shipyards, 1942, 1990, 46 pp.

Alan Clarke (b. 1918)
Recollections of Point San Pablo and San Francisco Bay, 1990, 159 pp.

Marguerite Clausen (1912-1987)
Memories of a Lifelong Richmond Resident, 1912-1987, 1990, 77 pp.

Eddie Eaton (b. 1917) *
In Search of the California Dream: From Houston, Texas to Richmond, California, 1943, 1990, 78 pp.

Selena Foster (b. 1916)
A Longtime Richmond Resident from Cherokee County, Texas, 1992, 176 pp.

Dominic Ghio (b. 1918) with Tony Ghio *
Fishermen by Trade: Sixty Years on San Francisco Bay, 1990, 169 pp.

Ira Dale Mays (b. 1918)
Stories of a Second-Generation Ironworker from Iowa, 1992,132 pp.

Clifford Metz (b. 1904)
A City in Transition: Richmond During World War II, 1992, 109 pp.

Stanley Nystrom (1920-1990)
A Family's Roots in Richmond: Recollections of a Lifetime Resident, 1990, 101 pp.

Henry O'Hara (1911-1989)
A View of the Waterfront from Point Richmond, 1990, 60 pp.

Joseph Perrelli (b. 1899)
The Establishment of the Filice and Perrelli Canning Company in Richmond, 1929, 1990, 111 pp.

Pratt Peterson (b. 1923)
A Fisherman and a Whaler: Recollections of the Richmond Whaling Station, 1958-1972, 1990, 161 pp.

Lucille Preston (b. 1915)
A World War II Journey: From Clarkesdale, Mississippi to Richmond, California, 1942, 1992, 48 pp.

M. M. Snodgrass (b. 1911)
Memories of the Richmond-San Rafael Ferry Compan, 1992, 77 pp.

Lewis Van Hook (1907-1992) *
Recollections of a Singing Shipbuilder, 1940s, 1992, 64 pp.

John A. Vincent Jr. (b. 1912)
Recollections of Ferry Point, Richmond, California, 1990, 88 pp.

Harry Williams (b. 1920), Marguerite Williams
(b. 1924)
Reflections of a Longtime Black Family in Richmond, 1990, 177 pp.

Additional oral history interviews of Richmond, not part of the Richmond Community History Project:
John Parr Cox (b. 1918), Parr Terminal: Fifty Years of Industry on the Richmond Waterfront, 1992, 195 pp.

* In addition to the full-length interview, a shortened large-print version of this oral history is available for use in adult literacy programs. The set of eight Richmond Literacy booklets and teaching guide are available through the Regional Oral History Office. For details, see Richmond Community History Project New Readers Series.

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