Organized Labor in the San Francisco Bay Area

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The Story of a Rebel. 1957, 376 pp.

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Longshoreman's Leader & ILWU-Pacific Maritime Association Arbitrator. 1984, iv, 230 pp.

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International President of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and Civil Rights Leader. 1973, 151 pp.

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A Radical Change: Oral Memoirs from 1934 describing the San Francisco General Strike and Subsequent Membership in the Communist Party, 1986, 82 pp.

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A Tape Recorded Interview with James Laughlin. 1955, 31 pp.[Department store manager]

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An Interview on Shipping, Labor, City Government, and American Foreign Aid. 1957, 515 pp.

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Community and Union Organizing, and Environmental Justice in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1967-2000.
2003, 150 pp.

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Life of a Leftist Labor Lawyer. 1986, 309 pp.

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Sidney Roger, Volume 2
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Labor Leaders View the Warren Era. Interviews with Robert S. Ash, secretary to the Alameda County Central Labor Council, 1943-1967, and Cornelius J. Haggerty, secretary treasurer, California State Federation of Labor, 1943-1960. 1974, 165 pp.laborlookswarren00oralrich

Labor Looks at Earl Warren. Interviews with Germain Bulcke, "A Longshoreman's Reminiscences"; Joseph W. Chaudet, "A Printer's View"; Paul Heide, "A Warehouseman's Reminiscences"; U.S. Simonds, "A Carpenter's Comments"; and Ernest H. Vernon, "A Machinist's Recollection". 1970, 146 pp.


Richard Criley (b. 1911), labor and civil rights activist

John F. Henning (b. 1915), Executive-Secretary (retired) AFL-CIO California Federation of Labor

Donated Oral History

Philip Vera Cruz
Life of Philip Vera Cruz: Childhood in the Phillipines; Working and Studying in the United States; Labor Organizer; Labor Leader. 1982, 160 pp.

Related Oral Histories at the Library Institute of Industrial Relations

The following interviews are available for research in the library of the Institute of Industrial Relations, U.C. Berkeley, 2521 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94720.

Conboy, William J. (Teamster life in San Francisco before World War I) 1957.

Daniels, Woodie E. (The dairy industry and the Milk Drivers' Union in San Francisco and the East Bay) 1957.

Despete, Warren G. (The early days of grocery clerk unionism) 1958.

Jinkerson, Claude (Grocery Clerks' Local 648 in San Francisco: An interview with Jinkerson, Maurice Hartshorn and other union officials) 1958.

Malstrom, Christopher B. (The dairy industry and the Milk Drivers' Union in San Francisco and the East Bay) 1957.

St. Sure, J. Paul (Comments on employer organizations and collective bargaining in Northern California since 1934) 1957.

Silverthorn, George A. (Teamsters Local 302 in Alameda County, CA 1957) 1962.

Thompson, Roy B. (The trucking industry, 1930-1950) 1961.

Vail, Larry (Union organization of department store clerks in San Francisco and California, 1958-1959) 1961.

Wettstein, Fred (Milk Drivers' Union Local 226 with Stephen Gilligan) 1958.


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