Interviews on Business History

American Perspectives of Aramco, The Saudi-Arabian Oil-Producing Company, 1930s-1980s. Interviews with Paul and Elizabeth Arnot, Frank Jungers, Baldo Marinovic, William L. Owen, R. W. "Brock" Powers, Ellen Speers, and Peter Speers. 1995, 590 pp.

Gerson Bakar
Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist. 2010, 469 pp.

Richard C. Blum
Conversations with Richard C. Blum: Businessman, Philanthropist, President Emeritus Board of Regents University of California. 2015, 327 pp.

Alfred A. Boeke
Oceanic Properties, Vice President: The Sea Ranch, 1959-1969. 2010, 153 pp.

Robert L. Bridges
Sixty Years of Legal Advice to International Construction Firms: Thelen, Marrin, Johnson and Bridges, 1933-1997, 1998, 134 pp.

Alan K. Browne
"Mr. Municipal Bond": Bond Investment Management, Bank of America, 1929-1971. 1990, 325 pp

Margaret Liu Collins
Businesswoman Margaret Liu Collins: from China to California, a life of faith, family, and hard work in California real estate. 2012, 167 pp.

Thomas Crowley
Recollections of the San Francisco Waterfront. 1967, 299 pp.

Thomas B. Crowley

Crowley Maritime Corporation: San Francisco Bay Tugboats to International Transportation Fleet. 1983, 247 pp.

Cutter Laboratories, 1897-1972: A Dual Trust, Volume 1
Cutter Laboratories, 1897-1972: A Dual Trust, Volume 2
Interviews with Robert Kennedy Cutter, Edward A. Cutter, Jr., David L. Cutter, Ernest T. Gregory, Harry Lange, and Howard M. Winegarden. 1975, 548 pp.

The DeDomenico Family: Growth of the Golden Grain Company through Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Interviews with Vincent DeDomenico, Thomas DeDomenico, Anthony DeDomenico, Donato Ferrigno, Lois DeDomenico, and Dennis DeDomenico. 1994, 380 pp.

John A. De Luca, Ph.D.
President and CEO of the Wine Institute, 1975-2003, Executive Vice Chairman of the Wine Institute, 2003-2008. 2007, 706 pp.

Arthur Gensler
Building a Global Architecture and Design Firm, 2015, 380 pp.

Robert Di Giorgio (1911-1991) and Joseph A. Di Giorgio (1908-1989)
The Di Giorgios: From Fruit Merchants to Corporate Innovators. 1986. 214 pp.

Harold W. Dornsife
Steel Construction in the West. 1991, 137 pp.

Adrien J. Falk (1884-1971)
An Interview with Adrien J. Falk, President, S&W Fine Foods, Inc. 1955, 180 pp.

Edward Gans
From Berlin Banker to California Numismatist 1887-1987, 1987, 326 pp.

Richard Greene
Richard Greene: Distinguished Tax Attorney, Estate Planner, and Leader in the Arts, Philanthropic and University Communities. 2013, 771 pp.

Ewald T. Grether
Dean of the UC Berkeley Schools of Business Administration, 1943-1961; Leader in Campus Administration, Public Service, and Marketing Studies; and Forever a Teacher, Volume 1, Volume 2, 1993, 1069 pp.

Robert Gumbiner [Volume I] (b. 1923)
FHP: The Evolution of a Managed Care Health Maintenance Organization, 1955-1992, Volume I. 1994, 458 pp. [Physician; HMO founder Southern California]
Includes interviews with nine former and present FHP employees, with early association or with key positions in the company: R. Colleen Bennett (b. 1934); Burke F. Gumbiner (b. 1950); Harold W. Johnson, III (b. 1944); David LeSueur (b. 1949); Charles A. Lifschultz (b. 1948); Jack D. Massimino (b. 1949); Raymond W. Pingle (b. 1947); Westcott W. Price, III (b. 1939); Henry Schultz (b. 1915).

Robert Gumbiner [Volume II]
FHP: The Evolution of a Managed Care Health Maintenance Organization, 1993-1997, Volume II, 1997, 170 pp.
Includes interviews with Nick Franklin, senior vice president of FHP Public Affairs; and Burke F. Gumbiner, FHP senior vice president and president of FHP insurance group.

Richard B. Gump
Composer, Artist, and President of Gump's San Francisco. 1989, 275 pp.

Peter Haas: A Life
In His Own Words, with Commentary by Friends and Associates. 2003, 127 pp.

Walter A. Haas, Jr.
Levi Strauss & Co. Executive, Bay Area Philanthropist, and Owner of the Oakland Athletics. 1995, 299 pp.

Health and Disease in Saudi Arabia: the Aramco Experience, 1940s-1990s, Volume 1 and 2.
Interviews with Richard Daggy, Armand P. Gelpi, Richard Handschin, Juliu W. Taylor, Elinor Nicholas, Dorothy McComb, Robert and Patricia Oertley, Ivor Morgan, Virginia Dooling, Richard Perrine, Ahmed Mustafa, Bernard J. Eggerman [Eggerman section available only in The Bancroft Library], Gordon Flom. 1998.

Stephen Gale Herrick
From Structural Steel to the Arts. 1990, 157 pp.

Warren Hellman
Financier, Philanthropist, Civic Patron, Mensch. 2014, 399 pp.

Walter E. Hoadley
Business Economist, Federal Reserve System Director, and University of California Regent, 1938-2000. 2000, 286 pp.

Claire Hoffman Giannini
The Giannini Family in Banking and Public Service. 1987, 299 pp.

Max T. Kniesche
Schroeder's Cafe and the German Restaurant Tradition in San Francisco, 1907-1976. 1981.

Gobind Behari Lal
A Journalist from India, At Home in the World. 1983, 266 pp.

Bill Lane
Sunset Publisher, Environmentalist, Ambassador, 2007, 292 pp.

Polly Ghirardelli Lawrence
The Ghirardelli Family and Chocolate Company of San Francisco. 1985, 186 pp.

Doris Shoong Lee
Carrying on the Family Legacy of Chinese American Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy. 2007, 124 pp.

Theodore B. Lee
From Chinatown to Harvard: A Lifetime of Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy. 2007, 238 pp.

Levi Strauss and Company: Tailors to the World. Interviews with Levi-Strauss executives Walter A. Haas, Sr., Daniel E. Koshland, Walter A. Haas, Jr., and Peter E. Haas. 1976, 337 pp.

Otto C.C. Lin
Promoting Education, Innovation, and Chinese Culture in the Era of Globalization
Volume I: Oral History
. 2010, 667 pp.
Volume II: Appendix. 2010, 680 pp.

Otto C.C. Lin Video excerpts:
Developing a technology-based economy: the role of government
Entrepreneurship, from laboratory to market
Changing Taiwan, and the importance of patents in a technology-based economy
The significance of management styles
China-Taiwan relations and the legacy of ITRI
Cultivating synergy between university, institute, business and government

T. Y. Lin
"The Father of Prestressed Concrete": Teaching Engineers, Bridging Rivers and Borders, 1931 to 1999, 2001, 430 pp.

Harry Lutgens
Publishing and Politics in California. 1961, 342 pp.

Harvey B. Lyon
Enterpreneur, Rotarian, and Philanthropist. 1973, 192 pp.

William J. McGillivray
Tugboats and Boatmen of California 1906-1970. 1971, 326 pp.

Norman Loyall McLaren
Business and Club Life San Francisco: Recollections of a California Pioneer Scion. 1978, 356 pp.

Laurence Anthony Maes
Fifty Years in the Dairy Industry. 2002, 300 pp.

Scott Newhall
A Newspapers Editor's Voyage Across SF Bay. 1990, 726 pp.

Walter Simon Newman
An Oral History with Walter Simon Newman. 2010, 228 pp.
Video Excerpt: The Allied Invasion of Normandy: A Life-Changing Experience

Ben E. Nutter
The Port of Oakland: Modernization and Expansion of Shipping, Airport, and Real Estate Operations, 1957-1977. 1991, 198 pp.

Elizabeth Paschal
Pioneering Career Woman: New Deal Labor Economist, Social Security Administration Program Chief, Ford Foundation Executive, 1996, 328 pp.

Rudolph A. Peterson
A Career in International Banking with the Bank of America, 1936-1970, and the United Nations Development Program, 1971-1975. 1994, 408 pp.

Richard Rosenberg
The Father of Bank Marketing. 2005, 188 pp.

Alexander Hamilton "Mike" Schilling [Available only in The Bancroft Library]
Reflections on Family, The Schilling Family Business, and a Life and Career in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2008, 429 pp.

Walter H. Shorenstein: An Oral History
2010, 159 pp.

Barclay Simpson
Barclay Simpson: An Oral History. 2013, 164 pp.

John Simpson
Activities in a Troubled World: War, Relief, Banking and Business. 1978, 324 pp.

Lloyd Swayne
Swayne and Hoyt. Inc. and the Intercoastal Trade. 1979, 24 pp.

Jack Chi-Chien Tang
The Textile Industry and the Development of Hong Kong, 1949-1999. 2003, 223 pp.

Eugene Trefethen
Kaiser Industries, Trefethen Vineyards, the University of California, and Mills College, 1926- 1997.  1997, 189 pp.

Ray Watson
Planning and Developing the New Town of Irvine, California, 1960-2003; Irvine Company President, 1973-1977; Walt Disney Company Chairman, 1983-1984, 482 pp.

Charles E. Williams, Volume I
Charles E. Williams, Volume II

Williams-Sonoma Cookware and the American Kitchen: The Merchandising Vision of Chuck Williams, 1956-1994. 1995, 345 pp.

Jean C. Witter
The University, the Community, and the Lifeblood of Business. 1968, 95 pp.

Isabel Wong-Vargas
Business, Family and Personal Philanthropy in Peru, China, and the United States, 1993, 416 pp.

Ronald C. Wornick
An Oral History. 2013, 222 pp.

Harold Lionel Zellerbach (1894-1978)
Art, Business, and Public Life in San Francisco, 1978, 256 pp.

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