Interviews on Poetry and Literature

Florence Atherton Dickey
Gertrude Atherton, Family and Celebrated Friends, 1982, 188 pp.

Theodora Kroeber-Quinn
Timeless Woman, Writer and Interpreter of the California Indian World. 1982, 453 pp.

Kathleen Norris
An Interview with Kathleen Norris. 1958. 279 pp.
Audio excerpt of Kathleen Norris remembering San Francisco's 1906 earthquake

Carl Rakosi
A Century in the Poetic Eye: Carl Rakosi on Poetry, Psychology, and World Affairs in the Twentieth Century.
Carl Rakosi Video Clip

Milo Shepard
The Jack London Story and the Beauty Ranch, 2001, 397 pp.

Gerd Stern (b. 1928)
From Beat Scene Poet to Psychedelic Multimedia Artist in San Francisco and Beyond, 1948-1978, 2001, 397 pp.

Alice B. Toklas (1877-1967)
The Bancroft Library Interview. Interviews conducted by Roland Duncan in 1952. 131 pp. Audio excerpt.

Ethel Duffy Turner
Writers and Revolutionaries, 1967, 156 pp.

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