Interviews on Music and Dance

William Duncan Allen (1906-1999)
Teacher, Pianist, and Accompanist to Concert Artists. 1996, 135 pp.

Ludwig Altman (1910-1990)
A Well-Tempered Musician's Unfinished Journey Through Life. 1990, 183 pp.

Madi Bacon (1906-2001)
Musician, Educator, Mountaineer. 1989, 236 pp.

Julian Bagley (1892-1981)
Welcome to the San Francisco Opera House. 1973, 111 pp.

Ralph Berkowitz
Dean of Tanglewood (1946-1964), piano soloist, accompanist and teacher, administrator and lecturer, 1910-. 1991, 176 pp. [Donated by Western Jewish History Center Judah Magnes Museum]

Philip S. Boone (1918-1981)
The San Francisco Symphony, 1940-1972. 1978, 188 pp.

Judd Boynton
Florence Treadwell & Berkeley. 1978, 122 pp.

Henry Brant (1913-2008)
Henry Brant: Spatial Music to Evoke the New Stresses, Layered Insanities, and Multidirectional Assaults of Contemporary Life on The Spirit. 2014, 47 pp.

Dave Brubeck (b. 1920)
Dave and Iola Brubeck: A Long Partnership in Life and Music. 2006, 167 pp.
Audio Excerpts

Louise M. Davies (1900-1998)
From Quincy to Woodside: Memories of Family and Friends. 1987, 165 pp.

Marcella DeCray
An Oral History with Marcella DeCray. 2007, 129 pp.

Ruth Felt
The Making of a Modern Impresario: San Francisco Performances and Nonprofit Organizations from 1960s to Today. 2005, 232 pp.

Laurette Goldberg (b. 1932)
Early Music Performance in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1960s-Present. 1997, 467 pp.

Bonnie Bird Gundlach
Dancer and Dance Instructor. 2000, 306 pp.

John Handy
Visionary Jazz Saxophonist, Bandleader, and Composer. 2009, 149 pp.

David Harrington
Kronos Quartet: Musicians without Borders. 2009, 118 pp.
Video Excerpts

Warren Hellman
Financier, Philanthropist, Civic Patron, Mensch. 2014, 399 pp.

Andrew Imbrie (b. 1921)
Portrait of a Contemporary Composer.  2000, 241 pp.

Ali Akbar Khan
Emperor of Melody: the North Indian Classical Music Tradition. 2010, 102 pp.

Felix Khuner (1906-1991)
A Violinist's Journey from Vienna's Kolisch Quartet to the San Francisco Symphony and Opera Orchestras. 1996, 167 pp.

Jean-Louis LeRoux
Conductor With A Contemporary Music Mission. 2004, 82 pp.

McCracklin, Jimmy (1921-2012)
Jimmy McCracklin: West Coast Bluesman, Prolific Songwriter, Pianist and Singer, 2014, 41 pp.

Turk Murphy Oral History Project
Turk Murphy, Earthquake McGoon's, and The New Orleans Revival. 2011. 298 pp. Featuring interviews with Charles Duff Campbell, William Carter, John Gill, Richard Hadlock, Linda Jensen, Carl Lunsford, Leon Oakley, Bob Schulz, and Pat Yankee.
Turk Murphy Audio/Video Excerpt

Joaquin Nin-Culmell
Growing Up with Anaïs Nin, Studying with De Falla, Composing in the Spanish Tradition. 2006.

Pauline Oliveros
Improvisation, Deep Listening and Flummoxing The Hierarchy. 2006.

Donald Pippin (b.1926)
A Pocketful of Wry: An Impresario's in San Francisco and the History of the Pocket Opera 1950s-2001, 2001, 258 pp.

Rose Rinder (1894-1987)
Music, Prayer, and Religious Leadership: Temple Emanu-El, 1913-1969. 1971, 224 pp.

Margaret Avery Rowell (1900-1995)
Master Teacher of Cellists, and Humble Student of Nature. 1984, 341 pp.

Sandor Salgo (b. 1909)
Teaching Music at Stanford University, 1949-1974, Directing the Carmel Bach Festival and the Marin Symphony, 1956-1991, 190 pp.

James H. Schwabacher (b. 1920)
Renaissance Man of Bay Area Music: Tenor, Teacher, Administration, Impressario, 2001, 197 pp.

David Sheinfeld (b. 1906)
An Original Voice in Twentieth Century Music, 1999, 207 pp.

Ben and A. Jess Shenson
Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson: Over One Hundred Years of Service to San Francisco in Medicine, Music and the Arts, 1998, 322 pp.

Allen Smith
Jazz Trumpeter and Educator. 2010, 60 pp.

Norma Teagarden (1911-1996)
Grand Lady of Piano Jazz. 1994, 119 pp.

Earl T. Watkins
Jazz Drummer and Union Official. 2011, 81 pp.

Olly Wilson 
Professor Emeritus of Music; Faculty Assistant for Affirmative Action

Dr. Herbert H. Wong
Teacher, Administrator, Author, Innovator: A Passion for Jazz and Science Education. 2009, 201 pp.

Multi-Interviewee Projects

Kurt Herbert Adler and the San Francisco Opera. 1994, Three volumes.
Volume I: The Life and Career of Kurt Herbert Adler, 485 pp.
An interview with Kurt Herbert Adler (1905-1988).

Volume II: Artists and Staff of the San Francisco Opera, 420 pp.
Interviews with:
Leontyne Price (b. 1927); Birgit Nilsson (b. 1918); Leonie Rysanek (b. 1926); Geraint Evans (1922-1992); Ingvar Wixell (b. 1931); Jean-Pierre Ponnelle (1932-1988); Jess Thomas (1927-1993); Carol Vaness (b. 1952); Gerald Freedman (b. 1927); Wolfram Skalicki (b. 1925); Dorothy Kirsten (1917-1992); Luciano Pavarotti (b. 1935); Matthew Farruggio (b. 1920); John Priest (b. 1931); Richard Rodzinski (b. 1945); Ruth Felt (b. 1939); Richard Bradshaw (b. 1944); Evelyn Crockett (b. 1909); George Pantages (1918-1991)
Volume III: Community and Union Leaders, Family and Friends, 418 pp.
Interviews with:
R. Gwin Follis (1902-1995); Betty Folger Miller Cooper (1899-1994); Prentis Cobb Hale (b. 1910); Walter Baird (1915-1993); Jerry Spain; William Diedrich (1923-1992); Eddie Powell (b. 1929); Don Tayer (b. 1932); James Matheson (b. 1932); Arthur Bloomfield (b. 1931); James Schwabacher (b. 1920); Alfred Fromm (b. 1905); Otto Meyer (1903-1994); Nancy Miller Adler; Kristin Adler Krueger (b. 1942); Walter Strauss (b. 1902); Martin Magner (b. 1900)

Dance at the Temple of the Wings: The Boynton-Quitzow Family in Berkeley, Volume 1
Dance at the Temple of the Wings: The Boynton-Quitzow Family in Berkeley, Volume 2
1973, 273 pp. Interviews with Charles Quitzow, Sulgwynn Boynton Quitzow, OEloel Quitzow.

Doctor Atomic Oral History Project. 2009. Interviews with Pamela Rosenberg, former general director of San Francisco Opera, music director Donald Runnicles, who condued the premiere, music administrator Kip Cranna, chorus director Ian Robertson, and composer John Adams.
Doctor Atomic Video Excerpt

Ann Mundstock: Pioneer in Bay Area Dance and Movement Therapy,1986, 331 pp. Interviews with Elizabeth Beckman, Marcelle Chesse Arian, Nina Lathrop, Rudolph Schaeffer, Padgett Payne, Edloe Risling, Jay Risling, Ellen Meyer, Judith Job, Ruth Rosenfeld, Amalia Irizarri, Deirdre Katz.

Milton Salkind and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 1995, 280 pp. Interviews with:

Milton Salkind (b. 1916); Elizabeth Elkus (1902-1994); Agnes Albert (b. 1908); Ava Jean Pischel Brumbaum (b. 1922); Zaven Melikian (b. 1929); May Kurka (b. 1921); Colin Murdoch (b. 1946)

Oral Histories In Progress

Blues of the Bay Area: Lowell Fulson, Sugarpie de Santo, Charles Brown, Cool Papa Sadler, Teddy Bluesmaster Watson, Robert Kelton, Esther Mabry.

Composers Oral History Project: Joan Jeanrenaud.

Jazz of the Bay Area: Eddie Alley.

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