Interviews on Art, Sculpture, and Photography in the Bay Area

Ansel Adams (1902-1985)
Conversations with Ansel Adams, 1978, 768 pp.

Valenti Angelo (1897-1982)
Art and Books: A Glorious Variety, 1980, 157 pp.

Margery Anneberg (b. 1921)
Anneberg Gallery, 1966-1981, and Craft and Folk Art in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1998, 368 pp.

Ruth Asawa (b. 1926) and Albert Lanier (b. 1927)
Art, Competence, and Citywide Cooperation for San Francisco, 1980, 220 pp.

Elmer Nelson Bischoff (1916-1991)
Two Conversations with Elmer Bischoff, 1991, 48 pp. [available only for reading in The Bancroft Library]

Paul Bishop
A Portrait Photographer's View of the University of California, Berkeley 1947-1981, 1983, 394 pp.

Marjorie Bissinger
A Life Devoted to Art: San Francisco Asian Art Society and San Francisco Asian Art Museum, 2003, 172 pp.
Recollections of a life in San Francisco, 1912 on, 1984, 236 pp. [Donated]

Constance Crowley Bowles (b. 1919)
A California Heritage: The Bowles Collection of 18th-Century English Porcelain, 1993, 200 pp.

Katherine Field Caldwell
Family and Berkeley Memories, 1993, 338 pp.

Ruth Cravath (1902-1986) and Dorothy Wagner Puccinelli Cravath (1901-1974)
Two San Francisco Artists and Their Contemporaries, 1920-1975, 1977, 365 pp.

Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976)
Portraits, Ideas, and Design, 1961, 215 pp.

Mallette Dean (1907-1975)
Artist and Printer, 1970, 105 pp.

Lillian Wolock Elliott (1930-1994)
Artist, Instructor, and Innovator in Fiber Arts, 1992, 215 pp.

Stanley Galli
Solving Visual Problems: An Artist's Life, 2002, 224 pp.

Roy D. Graves
Photograph Collection, 1964, 238 pp.

Richard B. Gump
Composer, Artist, and President of Gump's San Francisco. 1989, 275 pp.

Elise Stern Haas (1893-1990)
The Appreciation of Quality, 1979, 185 pp. Art patron.

Evelyn Danzig Haas (b. 1917)
Fine Arts and Family: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Philanthropy, Writing, and Haas Family Memories. 1997, 288 pp.

Johan Hagemeyer
Johan Hagemeyer, Photographer, 1956, 107 pp.

Edith Heath (b. 1911)
Tableware and Tile for the World, Heath Ceramics, 1944-1994, 1995, 411 pp.

David Ireland (b. 1930)
Inside 500 Capp Street: An Oral History of David Ireland's House. 2003, 150 pp.

Gyongy Laky (b. 1944)
Fiber Art: Visual Thinking and the Intelligent Handartist. 2003, 248 pp.

Dorothea Lange (1895-1965)
The Making of a Documentary Photographer, 1968, 257 pp.

Eric Spenser Macky (1990-1958) and Constance Macky (1883-1961)
Reminiscences, 1954, 121 pp.

Fred Martin
Fred Martin: Art Department Alumni at the University of California, Berkeley. 2010, 81 pp.
View Art Department Alumni Video Excerpt

Elsie Whitaker Martinez (1890-1958)
San Francisco Bay Area Writers and Artists, 1969, 268 pp. Widow of artist Xavier Martinez.

Wayne Miller (1918-2013)
An Eye on the World: Reviewing a Lifetime in Photography. 2003, 195 pp.

Grace L. McCann Morley (1900-1985)
Art, Artists, Museums, and the San Francisco Museum of Art, 1960, 246 pp.

Eugen Neuhaus (1879-1963)
Reminiscences: Bay Area Art and the University of California Art Department, 1961, 48 pp.

Richard O'Hanlan [Donated]
An Interview with Richard O'Hanlon, 1988, 37 pp.

Helen Oldfield (1902-1981)
Otis Oldfield and the San Francisco Art Community, 1920s to 1960s, 1982, 170 pp.

Margaret Wentworth Owings (b. 1913)
Artist, and Wildlife and Environmental Defender, 1991, 338 pp.

Stephen C. Pepper (1891-1972)
Art and Philosophy at the University of California, 1919-1962, 1963, 471 pp.

George Post (1906-1997)
A California Watercolorist, 1984, 134 pp.

Raymond Puccinelli (1904-1986)
Sculptor: San Francisco to Florence, 1979, 76 pp.

Renaissance of Religious Art and Architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1946-1968, Two volumes, 1985, 725 pp. Interviews with members of the artistic community responsible for creating a significant number of landmark places of worship, and works of liturgical art, in the San Francisco Bay Area: St. Mary's Cathedral and Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco, Newman Center in Berkeley, the Christian Science Church in Belvedere, and the Greek Orthodox Church of the Ascension in Oakland.

Volume I: Interviews with Elio Benvenuto, Robert Brennan, Charles Callister, Mario Ciampi, Harold Cummings, Vivian Cummings, Stephen DeStaebler, Micaela DuCasse, Mary Erckenbrack, Louisa Jenkins, William Justema, Emily Michaels, William J. Monihan, Paul Ryan, Antonio Sotomayor, Ethel Souza, and Maria Luisa Wolfskill.

Volume II: Interviews with Mark Adams, Lucienne Bloch Dimitroff, Stephen Dimitroff, Ruth Levi Eis, Robert Olwell, and Victor Ries.

Sonya Rapoport
Sonya Rapoport: Art Department Alumni at the University of California, Berkeley. 2010, 83 pp.
View Art Department Alumni Video Excerpt

Charles Edmund Rossbach (b. 1914)
Artist, Mentor, Professor, Writer, 1987, 156 pp.

Helen Arnstein Salz (1883-1978)
Sketches of an Improbable Ninety Years, 1975, 272 pp. 

San Francisco Neighborhood Arts Program, 1978, 132 pp.
Interviews with Maruja Cid; Stephen Goldstine; John Kreidler; Martin Snipper.

Rudolph Schaeffer (1886-1988)
The Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design: Art in San Francisco Since 1915, 1982, 184 pp.

Jacques Schnier (1898-1988)
A Sculptor's Odyssey, 1987, 313 pp.

Kay Sekimachi (b. 1926)
The Weaver's Weaver: Explorations in Multiple Layers and Three-Dimensional Fiber Art, 1996, 154 pp.

Louis Siegriest (1899-1989) and Lundy Siegriest (1925-1985)
1954, 95 pp.

Nell Sinton (1910-1998)
An Adventurous Spirit: The Life of a California Artist, 1993, 314 pp.

Wallace Stegner
The Artist as Environmental Advocate. 1983, 49 pp.

Bob Stocksdale (b. 1913)
Pioneer Wood-Lathe Artist, and Master Creator of Bowls from Fine and Rare Woods, 1998, 164 pp.

Shirley Triest
A Life on the First Waves of Radical Bohemianism in San Francisco, 1997, 452 pp.

Glenn A. Wessels (1895-1982)
Education of an Artist, 1967, 362 pp.

Katherine Westphal (b. 1919)
Artist and Professor, 1988, 190 pp.

Harold Lionel Zellerbach (1894-1978)
Art, Business, and Public Life in San Francisco, 1978, 256 pp.

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