Interviews on Architecture and Landscape Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area

Richard Bender

Reflections: An Architect's Journey: Living, Teaching, and Practice in a World Without Walls. 2012, 452 pp.

Vernon DeMars (b. 1908)
A Life in Architecture: Indian Dancing, Migrant Housing, Telesis, Design for Urban Living, Theater, Teaching, 1992, 576 pp.

Garrett Eckbo (b. 1910)
Landscape Architecture: The Profession in California, 1935-1940, and Telesis, 1993, 103 pp.

Joseph Esherick (b. 1914)
An Architectural Practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1938-1996, 1996, 801 pp.

Arthur Gensler
Building a Global Architecture and Design Firm, 2015, 380 pp.

John William Gregg (1880-1969)
A Half-Century of Landscape Architecture, 1965, 182 pp.

John William Gregg (1880-1969)
A Half-Century of Landscape Architecture, 1965, 182 pp.

Ella Barrows Hagar
Mediterranean Style in the Berkeley Hills. 1978, 42 pp.

William Charles Hays (1873-1963)
Order, Taste, and Grace in Architecture, 1968, 245 pp.

Karl Linn
Landscape Architect in Service of Peace, Social Justice, Commons, and Community, 2005, 200 pp.

George Livermore
Architect George Livermore Reminisces about the Pioneering Livermore Family 1850-1999, 1989.

Robert W. Ratcliff (b. 1913)
The Ratcliff Architects, in Berkeley Since 1909, 1990, 221 pp.

Hans Schiller (1917-1998)
Germany, Palestine, Northern California: Political and Architectural Activities, 1993, 514 pp.

Geraldine Knight Scott (1904-1989)
A Woman in Landscape Architecture in California, 1926-1989, 1990, 235 pp.

William W. Wurster (1895-1973)
College of Environmental Design, University of California, Campus Planning, and Architectural Practice, 1964, 325 pp.

Multi-interview Volumes
Blake Estate Oral History Project, 1988, 582 pp. Interviews with family members, architects and landscape architects, gardeners, staff, and two presidents of the University of California to document the history of Blake House, since 1967 the University's presidential residence, and the Blake Garden, a ten-acre horticultural mecca utilized as a teaching facility.
Interviews with Mai Arbegast, Igor Blake, Ron and Myra Brocchini, Toichi Domoto, Elliot and Elizabeth Evans, Anthony Hail, Linda Haymaker, Charles Hitch, Florence Holmes, Clark and Catherine Kerr, Janice Kittredge, Geraldine Knight Scott, Louis Stein, George and Helena Thacher, Walter Vodden, and Norma Willer
Thomas D. Church, Landscape Architect, Two volumes, 1978, 800 pp. A study of Thomas Dolliver Church (1902-1978), landscape architect, through interviews with colleagues in architecture and landscape architecture, staff, clients and friends, landscape contractors and nurserymen, and with Elizabeth Roberts Church.
Volume I: Interviews with Theodore Bernardi, Lucy Butler, June Meehan Campbell, Louis DeMonte, Walter Doty, Donn Emmons, Floyd Gerow, Harriet Henderson, Joseph Howland, Ruth Jaffe, Burton Litton, Germano Milono, Miriam Pierce, George Rockrise, Robert Royston, Geraldine Knight Scott, Roger Sturtevant, Francis Violich, and Harold Watkin.

Volume II: Interviews with Maggie Baylis, Elizabeth Roberts Church, Robert Glasner, Grace Hall, Lawrence Halprin, Proctor Mellquist, Everitt Miller, Harry Sanders, Lou Schenone, Jack Stafford, Goodwin Steinberg, and Jack Wagstaff.
Julia Morgan Architectural History, Two volumes, 1976, 621 pp. History in recollections of eminent woman architect (1872-1957): engineering graduate UC Berkeley 1894, Ecole des Beaux Arts student, associate of Bernard Maybeck, in practice 1904-1950, architect of UC Vice President's House, 2821 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley, and of hundreds of "simple dwellings and stately homes," including San Simeon. Interviews with associates in the Julia Morgan office, staff, clients, and family members.
Volume I: Interviews with George Hodges, Edward Hussey, Norm Jensen, Helena Steilberg Lawton, Warren Perry, Evelyn Paine Ratcliff, Robert Ratcliff, Walter Steilberg, and Jack Wagstaff.

Volume II: Interviews with Mary Grace Barron, Dorothy Wormser Coblentz, Bjarne Dahl, Bjarne Dahl, Jr., Edward Hussey, Hettie Bell Marcus, Polly Lawrence McNaught, Catherine Freeman Nimitz, Flora and Morgan North, Kirk O. Rowlands, Norma Willer, and Quintilla Williams.

Renaissance of Religious Art and Architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1946-1968
, Two volumes, 1985, 725 pp. Interviews with members of the artistic community responsible for creating a significant number of landmark places of worship, and works of liturgical art, in the San Francisco Bay Area: St. Mary's Cathedral and Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco, Newman Center in Berkeley, the Christian Science Church in Belvedere, and the Greek Orthodox Church of the Ascension in Oakland.

Volume I: Interviews with Elio Benvenuto, Robert Brennan, Charles Callister, Mario Ciampi, Harold Cummings, Vivian Cummings, Stephen DeStaebler, Micaela DuCasse, Mary Erckenbrack, Louisa Jenkins, William Justema, Emily Michaels, William J. Monihan, Paul Ryan, Antonio Sotomayor, Ethel Souza, and Maria Luisa Wolfskill.

Volume II: Interviews with Mark Adams, Lucienne Bloch Dimitroff, Stephen Dimitroff, Ruth Levi Eis, Robert Olwell, and Victor Ries.

Beverly Willis: A Life in Architecture
. 2008, 125 pp.

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