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The Berkeley Free Speech Controversy (Preliminary Report), Prepared by: A
Fact-Finding Committee of Graduate Political Scientists, December 13, 1964. 

Byrne, Jerome C., The Berkeley Crisis, The Byrne Report to the Forbes Committee of the Board of Regents of the University of California, May 7, 1965, 64 pp. 

Report concludes that the FSM was a largely justified response to a bureaucratic and unresponsive governmental structure. 
Cunningham, Thomas J. Legal Aspects of Campus Unrest, June 1965. 

Lunsford, Terry F., The "Free Speech" Crisis at Berkeley, 1964-1965: Some Issues for Social and Legal Research, The Center for Research and Development in Higher
Education, December 1965. 

Minority Viewpoint of the Special ASUC Sub-committee on Student Political Activity,

Nicholls, William L. II, "Public Reactions to the Student Protest Movement on the
Berkeley Campus: A Set of Annotated Tables Drawn from two Statewide Public
Opinion Polls," Survey Research Center, University of California, Berkeley. 

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Student Conduct (Heyman Report). Oct. 15,

Report of the Special Committee to Review University Policies (Meyer Report),
Berkeley, University of California Regents, 1966. 

Rossman, Michael and Lynne Hollander, Administrative Pressures and Political Activity at the University of California: A Preliminary Report, Free Speech Movement, 1964.

Related material:

Aronoff, Robert, "The Free Speech Movement and Dissent in the United States," 1970.  Prepared for Bill Youngs in May and June of 1970 in response to the U.S.
Invasion of Cambodia. 

______, "Public Opinion and the Free Speech Movement, n.d. 

Williamson, E. G. compiler. The Berkeley Phenomenon: Reports, Observations, and
Some Basic Papers, ODS Staff Papers, Number 16,  University of Minnesota, April

Order and Freedom on the Campus, Work book compiled by M. Stephen Kaplan and Owen Albert Knorr, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Boulder, Colorado and Center for the Study of Higher Education, Berkley, 1965. 


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