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Mississippi Summer Project
Exhibit opening
and Reception 
4-6 p.m.
April 13, 2001
hosted by: The Bancroft Library 
Heller Reading  Room, Bancroft Library Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, Doe Library
Freedom Songbook
Ask not what your country can do 
for you, but what you can do 
for your country"
John F. Kennedy
Free Speech Songbook
 Troop Train Picket No. 4
Did You Vote For War?
Seating is limited, reservations are required. The conference is free but there is a charge for meals.  If you would like a brochure email your address to: estephen@library.berkeley.edu

      Taking Part

      FSM and the Legacy of Social Protest 
            University of Califoria, Berkeley 
            April 13-14, 2001
      Friday, April 13th  
      Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center
    Robert (Bob) Moses
    Freedom Summer, The Free Speech Movement and the Emerging New Left
    8-10 p.m.
          Moderator:      Waldo Martin 
                            Panelists:      Robert (Bob) Moses 
                                                  Bettina Aptheker 
                                                  Jack Weinberg 
                                                  Steve Weissman 

    "The Free Speech Movement was politically the first and most important white student demonstration of the 1960s" (Breines, 1982: 23). This much is well known. What has never been fully appreciated is the extent of the links between Freedom Summer and the Free Speech Movement. It is impossible to know whether the Free Speech Movement would have occurred in the absence of Freedom Summer. What is certain is that for most of the leaders of the Berkeley revolt, the movement was seen as an extension of the civil rights struggle and the Summer Project in particular. The tactical, ideological, and personnel imprint of Freedom Summer was everywhere evident in the events at Berkeley. A review of those events makes the extent of that imprint clear. -- Doug McAdam, Freedom Summer, 1988: 162.  

      Saturday, April 14th 
      Maude Fife Room, Wheeler Hall
    Vietnamization of the Berkeley Campus, 1965-1970
    Vietnamization of the Berkeley Campus, 1965-1970
    9:00-10:45 a.m.
                               Moderator:     Reginald Zelnik 
                Panelists:      Marilyn Milligen 
                      Orville Schell 
                                      Peter Dale Scott 
                                      Leon Wofsy 
     Movements in Education: Reform and Experimentation
    Movements in Education: 
    Reform and Experimentation
    11:00-12:30 p.m. 
                                Moderator:    Charles Muscatine 

                                Panelists:      Charles P. Henry 
                                                      Elaine Kim 
                                                      Carlos Munoz, Jr. 
                                                      Nigel Young 

    The New Left: Language and Politics
    The New Left: Language and Politics 
    2-3:45 p.m.
                               Moderator:       Michael P. Rogin 

                                 Panelists:     Winifred Breines 
                                                      Rebecca Klatch 
                                                      Jeff Lustig 
                                                      Sheldon Wolin 

    The Contested Field of 
    Free Speech 
    4:00-5:30 p.m.
          Moderator:      Margaret Russell 

          Panelists:        Richard Delgado 
                                  Nadine Strossen

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