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Free Speech Movement Records, CU-309.

These materials are from the Free Speech Movement offices or were collected by Free Speech Movement members directly after the protests in 1964-1965.
Malcolm Burnstein Papers, 1963-1973. BANC MSS 99/294 c.
The legal files of the Free Speech Movement defense lawyer and coordinator. Contains the letters of the defendants arrested on December 3rd and 4th, 1964 to the judge explaining why they were involved with the movement. 
Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Records, BANC MSS 99/281 c, Cartons 33-34. 
Contains the trial transcripts for the Free Speech Movement mass trial which were given to the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute by Malcolm Burnstein. 
Center for Higher Education, Papers regarding the Free Speech Movement, CU-310.2
Research material gathered for Terry F. Lunsford's 1965 study on the Free Speech Movement.   The "Free Speech" Crises at Berkeley, 1964-1965: Some Issues for Social and Legal Research
Wayne M. Collins, Jr. Papers, 1918-1974, BANC MSS 78/177 c, Box 31. 
Collins was a Berkeley and San Francisco attorney. His papers contains the legal documents and other material from Collin's son who was arrested in the Dec. 3, 1964 sit-in in Sproul Hall at the University of California, Berkeley.                              . 
Henry F. May Papers, 1940-1990, BANC MSS 89/61 c
A University of California, Berkeley history professor in 1964, May was actively involved in the faculty decisions regarding the Free Speech Movement. 
Donald H. McLaughlin Papers, 1930-1984, BANC MSS 86/60 c. Cartons 20-21. 
A University of Calfornia Regent during the Free Speech Movement. 
Sexual Freedom League Records, 1962-1983, BANC MSS 83/181 c
The bulk of the Sexual Freedom League collection concerns the League's presence in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York from 1964 to 1973. Jefferson Poland the founder and chief promoter of the League was a participant in the Free Speech Movement. 
Social Protest Collection, BANC MSS 86/157 c
A wealth of leaflets, newsletters and other ephemera handed out on the Berkeley campus during the 1960s and 1970s. 
Interviews relating to education issues in the Knight and Brown gubernatorial administrations: Education issues and planning, 1953-1966. BANC MSS 81/89 c, v. 2. Supporting documents. 
Contains copies of statements made by Edward W. Strong regarding his leaving the Office of Chancellor during Free Speech Movement. 
Katherine Amelia Towle Papers, BANC MSS 71/111 c. 1 Box. 
Towle was Dean of Students during the FSM. Small collection of personal memorabilia about her participation in the FSM. 
University of California, Berkeley, ChancellorCU-149,  Carton 66, Series I: Records of the Office of the Chancellor, 1964-1972, File #893, Student Revolts and Related Issues. 

University of California, Berkeley, Office of the Chancellor, 1964-1965, CU-436

Pro and con correspondence to Chancellors Edward W. Strong and Martin Meyerson regarding the Free Speech Movement. 

Free Speech Movement Photographs, 1964-1965, UARC PIC 24B

Contains photographs by Ron Hecker of the Free Speech Movement and a miscellany of photographs by various photographers including Don Kechley, a photographer for the California Monthly
The San Francisco Call Bulletin Newspaper Photograph Archive, Free Speech Movement Selection, BANC PIC  1959.010--NEG pt. 3. 

Steven Marcus Free Speech Movement Photographs,
BANC PIC 2000.002--PIC

African Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1963-1974,
BANC PIC 1985.079- -AX 


Free Speech Movement, University of California, Berkeley, 1964

Handouts and other materials collected and annotated by Sidney Berger. 

Ken Cloke Collection

Two boxes of material related to Free Speech Movement and SLATE, two University of California, Berkeley student organizations. 

New Left Collection, 1964-1992, CSUZ69001-A

Subject matter is varied and extensive. Includes material on: the movement against the war in Vietnam; draft resistance; Students for a Democratic Society; the Berkeley radical coalition, Marxist Leninist organizations, such as Venceremos; and the American Indian Movement. 
Seymour Martin Lipset Papers, 1916-1993, CSUZ93062-A
Sociologist and political scientist who wrote extensively on FSM. 
Sidney Hook Papers, 1902-1996, CSUZ90003-A
Author who wrote about FSM and the nature of academic freedom. 

Ronald G. Davis Papers, Collection number: D-65.

Davis was the founder of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. 
Other collections of interest:

State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 

Social Action Collection 
National Student Association 
Free Speech Movement 
Congress of Racial Equality Archives 
Student Peace Union Records 
Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam Records 
National Peace Action Coalition Records 
Students for a Democratic Society Records 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Records of the Student Non-Violent Co-ordinating Committee (SNCC) 

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