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The Sixties Project Primary Document Archive at the University of Virginia. 

The Manifesto Project has mounted the text of the manifestos of a number of Sixties organizations including the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Black Panther Party. 
SNCC 1960-1966: Six Years of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.
A University of North Carolina site. Includes history, short biographies of SNCC staff, a timeline, and audio of Bob Moses, Fannie Lou Hamer, John Lewis, Julian Bond and Freedom Singers. 
Conversations with History, the Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley. 
Harry Kreisler is executive producer and moderator of the series.  Conceived in 1982 by Mr. Kreisler as a way to capture and preserve through conversation and technology the intellectual ferment of our times, the series includes more than 175 interviews. Videotaped on the Berkeley campus, the interviews are being placed on the web in text and video formats. 
The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University. 

May 4th Collections, Kent State University, Special Collections and Archives 

Constitution of the United States.

American Civil Liberties Union

SF Gate Reagan, Hoover and the UC Red Scare

Well organized pages with reliable information. 
LII: Legal Information Institute at Cornell University. 
An overview of Constitutional law: First Amendment Rights (speech, press, assembly, religion), Fourteenth Amendment , and equal protection or due process

The Digger Archives: San Francisco Diggers (1966-1968...and beyond) 

Robert Altman's Le Photo Galerie.


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