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Case C-7468 through C-7547 

A Suggestion for Dismissal. Submitted by: Certain Faculty Members of the University of California, Berkeley, January, 1965 

Free Speech Defense: Three Documents, BANC MSS CU-309, folder 67. 
Printed pamphlet includes Demurrer, Motion for Pretrial Hearings..., and
Defendants proposed Agenda and Preliminary Statement of Issues. 

Motion for Pretrial Hearings and for Consolidation for Purposes of Pretrial Hearings,
January 26, 1965. 

Case Criminal No. 235 

Burnstein, Malcolm et. al., Appellants' Opening Brief:  People…versus Mario Savio and 571 others, Criminal No. 235, Berkeley, Superior Court, County of Alameda, State of California, 1965. 

Trial Transcripts, Berkeley, Superior Court. Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
Records, BANC MSS 99/281 c, Boxes 33-34. 

Supreme Court of the State of California

Petition for Writ of Mandate, BANC MSS CU-309

Memorandum in Support...David Noble, Judy Peters, Kenneth Baker, and All others..., 

Petition for a writ of mandate, BANC MSS CU-309


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