The original exhibit was curated by Lee Anne Titangos and designed by Alison Wannamaker, and was displayed in The Bancroft Library Exhibition Corridor from August to December 2011. Special acknowledgement is due to the Bancroft Photographic Duplication Team — Lorna Kirwan, Daniel Wikey, and Anwaar Al-Zireeni — as well as Dan Johnston of the Digital Imaging Lab.

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Women at Cal Online Exhibit
In October 1911 California became the sixth state to embrace equal suffrage for women, one of the signal reforms of the Progressive Era. Meanwhile, women in the university were pursuing their academic careers with vigor - and glaring inequality. Although women students had been admitted on an equal basis since 1870, their access to the university’s intellectual, social, recreational, and athletic resources was restricted in comparison with men. Drawn primarily from the University Archives' collections, this exhibition examines the status of women on campus in this critical period.
Suffragists Oral History Project
In the early 1970s the Suffragists Oral History Project, under the auspices of the Bancroft Library's Regional Oral History Office, collected interviews with twelve leaders and participants in the woman's suffrage movement. Available online, these transcribed oral histories preserve the memories of these remarkable women, documenting formative experiences, activities to win the right to vote for women, and careers as leaders of the movements for welfare and labor reform, world peace, and the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

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