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Work and Play The activities and enthusiasms that occupied Mark Twain’s leisure hours inevitably found their way into his "bread-and-butter" hours, influencing both his literary and his business projects.

The examples below illustrate how permeable the border was between his work and his play. As he remarked, "work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions."

Playing with Names Playing with Names
[from an 1884 notebook]
Punchlines Punchlines
[from an 1879 notebook]
Making Maxims Making Maxims
[manuscript pages, various dates]
Lecture Notes Lecture Notes
[illustrated notes, 1874]
1601 1601
[pamphlet, 1882]
Is He Dead? Is He Dead?
[revised playscript, 1898]
'Conversations with Satan' "Conversations with Satan"
[manuscript, 1897-98]
'Taming the Bicycle' "Taming the Bicycle"
[revised typescript, 1884]
A "Skeleton Novelette"
[manuscript, 1893]
"Lawn Whist"
[manuscript, 1905]
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