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Friends & Social Life

April Fool April Fool
[letters of 1 April 1884]
Dinner with Friends Dinner with Friends
[letter to Olivia Clemens, 18 November 1885]
The Stormfield Guestbook The Stormfield Guestbook
[album with inscriptions dating from 1908 to 1910]

The Clubman

The Savages The Savages
[autographed photograph, 1907]
Lotos Club Menu Lotos Club Menu
[autographed menu, 1908]
The Juggernaut Club The Juggernaut Club
[manuscript, 1902]
Aquarium Bylaws Aquarium Bylaws
[manuscript, 1908]
A Toast from Mr. Punch A Toast from Mr. Punch
[original cartoon by Bernard Partridge, 1907]

"The Belle of New York"

A Bit of Autobiography A Bit of Autobiography
[typescript with author's revisions, 1906]
Birthday Bash Birthday Bash
[souvenir album, December 1905]
Doe-Luncheons Doe-Luncheons
[drawings for place cards; guest list, 1908]

Work & Play: Collaborating with Friends

A 'Skeleton Novelette' A "Skeleton Novelette"
[manuscript, 1893]
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