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"The best game on earth"

A kitten joins the game [photograph, 1908]

A kitten joins the game [photograph, 1908]
A kitten joins the game
[photograph, 1908]

At Stormfield, his home in Redding, Connecticut, Clemens liked to enliven the game by putting a kitten in one of the pockets. He explained to a friend in October 1908:

If I can find a photograph of my "Tammany" & her kittens, I will enclose it in this. One of them likes to be crammed into a corner-pocket of the billiard table—which he fits as snugly as does a finger in a glove & then he watches the game (& obstructs it) by the hour, & spoils many a shot by putting out his paw & changing the direction of a passing ball.
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