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Mark Twain at Play Online

The digital iteration of "Mark Twain at Play" was created in the winter of 2009/2010 by Brooke Dykman of the Library Systems Office, in consultation with Sharon K. Goetz and Lin Salamo; Brooke's design translated the exhibition's complexities gracefully to a form well suited to Web access. We would like to thank Lynne Grigsby, Head of Library Applications and Publishing, for supporting the digital exhibition, as well as Dan Johnston for expert photography of objects that resisted placement on a flat scanner.

The "Mark Twain at Play" Exhibit

"Mark Twain at Play" was first mounted—for one night only—in April 2007 at the Bancroft Gala for the Mark Twain Papers in San Francisco. In October 2008, with the generous support of Colleen and Robert Haas, an expanded version of "Mark Twain at Play" became the inaugural exhibition in the Bancroft Gallery, a newly created exhibit space within the retrofitted and renovated Bancroft Library.

Work on the exhibition, as it has progressed and grown over the last three years from original concept to the online version, has drawn on the expertise of many colleagues in The Bancroft Library and the Library Systems Office. The curators—Lin Salamo, Victor Fischer, Michael B. Frank, Sharon K. Goetz, and Harriet Elinor Smith—would like to thank Anthony Bliss, Curator of Rare Books, and Lorna Kirwan, Bancroft Collections Manager, as well as Gillian Boal, Ann Lindsey, and Erika Lindensmith of the Preservation and Conservation Department for their ongoing consultations about the valuation, handling, and installation of the rare items to be displayed. Barbara Young and Beth McGonagle smoothed our way through the hectic one-day exhibit for the April 2007 Gala.

The spacious new Bancroft Gallery, with its movable walls and custom-designed cases, was home from October 2008 to April 2009 for an expansion of "Mark Twain at Play" curated primarily by Lin Salamo. The space was transformed by Gordon Chun and his colleagues at Gordon Chun Designs, with large-scale graphics and an elegant overall design that brought clarity to the complexities of section headings, subheadings, and captions. We wish to thank Dan Johnston, Head of the Digital Imaging Lab, who provided us with splendid high-resolution images for our large graphics. We are grateful also for the graphical and design skills of Aisha Hamilton, Exhibits and Environmental Graphics Coordinator, and Cathy Dinnean, former head of the Library Graphics Service.

We must also acknowledge with gratitude the extraordinary support and encouragement—the enabling spirit—of Charles Faulhaber, Director of The Bancroft Library; Peter Hanff, Deputy Director of The Bancroft Library; Robert H. Hirst, General Editor of the Mark Twain Project; Jack von Euw, Curator of the Pictorial Collections; and Dave Duer, Director of Development and External Relations.

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